With the help of his mother, he hires a hitman to kill a young woman in La Dolorita

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Director of CICPC, Douglas Rico, This Sunday, February 4, it was reported that he gave clarification on the brutal murder Paola Vanessa Riera Paredes (26), Incident that occurred on November 27, 2023 in La Dolorita sector, Miranda state,

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RICO said the four people were identified as: David Castellano (33), aka “El Mocho” (content writer), Luis Fuentes (25), aka “Chuckley” (He told the criminal the house where the victim lived), Ingrid Corso (56), mother of the intellectual writer, (Responsible for delivering the firearm to the criminal on his son’s orders), Miguel Materano, nicknamed “Miguelcho”, (He hid the murder weapon in his residence) and Geolvar Rojas (35)The latter, who is an intellectual writer, is deprived of liberty in a detention center for the crime of murder. Javier Mejias, alias “El Pollo”, is also being arrested.

Through scientific technical work it was determined geolver rojas, Contacted “El Mocho” to take the victim’s life, He was offered the used firearm and US$500 in return.

it was decided geolver He instructed his mother to take the gun and deliver mochoSimilarly, he also sent pictures of the passive and façade of his house david castellanowhich in turn contacted two subjects known as “Chukale” and “El Pollo”Resident of La Dolorita, who guided and monitored the house paola By the time she was left alone and taking advantage of the fact that an infant had left the main door ajar, “El Mocho” entered and fired a shot that took her life, later fleeing the place. and handed over the weapon used Chukla and chicken.

The arrest of Luis Fuentes revealed that the gun was possessed by a citizen named miguelachoFrom whom the murder weapon was seized at his residence.

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