With the lead actresses gone, who will save Scream 7?

The behind-the-scenes nightmare begins in late 2023 scream 7, After the sixth installment received a great response from the public, the horror franchise aims to return to our screens very soon. With its revenue of $169 million, scream 6 Proved that Ghostface’s future is still bright. These last two films crowned Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega as the new faces of the universe, following Neve Campbell’s departure in 2022. The project will now have to be completed without him, and without its director. Last December, Christopher Landon announced his departure. the one to whom we are indebted Happy Birthday The reasons for their departure were not specified, even though the prospect of working without the two lead actresses was undoubtedly not the most pleasant.

Last November, Melissa Barrera was ousted for comments she made on social media about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Shortly after this dismissal, Jenna Ortega also took a stint, which was officially retained by the filming of the second season. Wednesday For Netflix. Faced with such a wave of departures, Christopher Landon ultimately chose to abandon ship. he explained:

“It was a dream job and it turned into a nightmare. My heart is broken for everyone involved. All. But now it is time to move on.”

However, these announcements should not signal the end of the journey Scream 7. According to Diversity, the project is facing a creative reboot and is taking a look at its former stars. According to American media, now the question will be to keep Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell on the front line. As a reminder, this company dropped the franchise in 2022 after a pay dispute. He felt that he was not paid commensurate with his importance in history and especially for the stamp. Two years later, Campbell doesn’t rule out a comeback.

under the right circumstances

Neve Campbell talks to journalist Mark Malkin during the BAFTA tea event in Beverly Hills. When asked about the rumors going on about her, the actress did not oppose the idea. “To be honest, I don’t know what their plans are. I know there’s a lot going on around this and I’m sure they’re going around in circles a bit right now. These films mean a lot to us and they mean a lot to the fans too. I go to conventions sometimes to meet them and they’re crazy about these movies. For them, I would like it to continue”, She even says that she sees herself returning “Good conditions”.

As a reminder, Patrick Davi was also mentioned to star in this potential seventh part. Actor, famous for gray’s anatomy, joined the team for the duration of an opus. whether scream 7 Feeling like the start of a new era for the license, this new opus should finally feel a little warmer. Is it still necessary for a filmmaker to take a decision on this project?

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