The changes Anselmi would have to make to Cruz Azul’s 11 to play Sepúlveda and Toro together

Tito Villa proposed a new position for Toro Fernández, so that Angel Sepúlveda could become Cruz Azul’s number 9.

imago7Sepúlveda and Toro could play together.

He Top goalscorer with Cruz Azul Started on the bench during last tournament debut Completion 2024, Duel against Pachuca in matchday 1. due to this reason Martin Anselmi decided to send Gabriel Fernandez to number 9.

is about Angel Sepúlveda, who entered instead bull On the grounds of the Blue Stadium, Last Saturday, in the second half, at 73′. Call target angel, He also scored another goal as a cementer, however, this was canceled out by the whistle and they could not avoid defeat.

And this is it, Martin Anselmi opted for a 4-3-3 formation, That’s why they sent only one player as a strikerRodolfo Rotondi and Uriel Antuna were left as wingers., However, with the same strategic outline both can be within Initial 11.

How could Toro and Sepu play together?

he proposed this Goal specialist and excelmentero, Emanuel Villawho suggested this Angel Sepúlveda would establish himself as Cruz Azul’s center forward, meanwhile he bull Instead, one can start out as a leftist. Rodolfo Rotondi.

,I “I like Toro on the left and Sepúlveda in the 9th position. I see more references to Sepúlveda when he entered as a center forward in a while,” he launched Titus City during Machine PodcastThe A’s are asking to see both forwards together against Juarez.

What will the Cruz Azul lineup look like?

Thus, the alignment can be made as follows: Kevin Meier in the arch, Camilo Candido, Gonzalo Piovi, Villar Ditta and Ignacio Rivero in defence; Lorenzo Faravelli, Eric Lira and Carlos Rodriguez In mediacancha.

He will survive the attack after all Uriel Antuna as a winger on the right and bull Fernandez This will be a big bet on the left. Thus, Angel Sepúlveda could be at the helm, in addition to which Anselmi would fully adhere to having a maximum of seven foreigners on the field.

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