Woman almost lost her life when paramedic treating her suffered a heart attack

A woman who was the victim of a medical accident in the United Kingdom almost lost her life when the paramedic who came to her aid suffered a heart attack while treating her.

This incident occurred in Bedfordshire county. Sirens from the East of England Ambulance Service arrived in June 2022 at the home of 31-year-old Daisy Devane, who was found unconscious on her sofa and after noticing she was not breathing, her boyfriend called emergency services. Moves to keep him alive before proceeding with cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Jeremy Williams, 55, who was used to stress as part of his normal routine, was treating the woman when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Immediately, his teammates took notice of the situation and divided the work: some began to revive Dewayne, while others focused on treating Williams by applying an electrocardiogram. Paramedics administered five shocks, before successfully reviving the woman.

Faced with the unexpected and strange phenomenon, the team decides to transfer the patients to different hospitals. Meanwhile, Devane was referred to Bedford Hospital in Bedfordshire, Williams was transferred to Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire.

According to testimony collected by American media The New York Post, Shane Whittington, a veteran paramedic on the team, was excited by his partner’s heart rate in the ambulance. “As soon as we got to the hospital, Jeremy’s heart rate and blood pressure dropped dramatically,” he said.

After the incident that paralyzed health workers, both were able to recover at their own pace and according to the procedures they had to undergo in the hospitals where they were admitted. On Williams’ part, after emergency surgery in which two stents were placed to block the arteries around his heart, the paramedic was able to return to work after recovering.

For his part, Dewayne had to spend thirty-three days in the hospital, and as time went on, he could no longer remember what had happened as the incident had caused him to lose three weeks of memory. In February 2023, the woman was reunited with Williams in early 2024, completely grateful to him and his team for saving her life.

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