7 Actresses Who Could Play Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Jean Grey/Marvel Girl

Although the X-Men are expected to play a role in the remainder of the Multiverse Saga, it won’t be until after avengers: secret wars That team’s franchise has been rebooted.

Those actors may already be under the shadow of their predecessors, but even more so when we see them in upcoming multiverse movies (like this summer’s). deadpool and wolverine, With this in mind, Marvel Studios must attract new top-tier talent X Men Franchise.

recently, we saw the actors Who can play MCU’s Wolverine. Of course, she’s far from the only important character on the team, which is why we’re now turning our attention to Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl/Phoenix.

Whether we’re getting an experience Gene or a version of the hero who has just come to grips with his mutant powers, we think you’ll find a lot of compelling possibilities here. To check them, click “Ne”xt”https://comicbookmovie.com/”See Listing Below” button!

7. Thomasin McKenzie


Thomasin McKenzie received widespread critical acclaim for her work in Taika Waititi jojo rabbit And has since impressed M. Night Shyamalan in Oldedgar wright’s last night in sohoand Jane Campion’s power of dog,

Pairing an actress with the right director yields great results and we’re confident that McKenzie can do justice to Jean Gray in multiple films.

At 23 years old, she would be a perfect fit for a young Jean, even if she is experienced enough to be a credible superhero with a strong grasp on her powerful mutant abilities. It won’t be easy to follow in the footsteps of Famke Janssen (Sophie Turner, Less) but McKenzie is more than capable.

6. McKenna Grace


After playing the role of young Carol Danvers in 2019 captain marvelMckenna Grace has established herself as one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars with stellar performances in films like Ghostbusters: Afterlife, annabelle comes homeAnd maid story,

She’ll turn 18 later this year, so if Marvel Studios plans to cast the X-Men’s “first class” of Professor X, it’s hard for us to imagine a better fit for the role.

Grace is a powerhouse talent who is just one big role away from becoming a household name. By bringing Jean Gray to life in the MCU, she could establish herself as the character over the course of many years, similar to Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

5. Connor Leslie


An actress with superhero experience, many of you may know Connor Leslie best for her role as Donna Troy/Wonder Girl. titans, His other credits include The Man in the High Castle And GraveHowever she has yet to find a true breakout role.

At 32 years old, she would likely be Jean Gray who is already a seasoned superhero in the MCU. Of course, we’ve already seen the team as teenagers, and it goes without saying that the MCU’s take on the X-Men might not be the same as the established heroes we’ll see soon. X-Men ’97,

Leslie is a left-field choice, although he has the potential to surprise a lot of people. She would also make a great Madeline Pryor…

4. Kiernan Shipka


Emerging as a young actress Mad ManKiernan Shipka later got a well-deserved lead role in Netflix Sabrina’s hair-raising act, This was another streaming series that ended before its time, though the actress has since impressed wild flowers And white house plumber,

The next few years will prove to be crucial for him to play lead roles in big films. the red one And twistersAnd should it go his way, a major superhero role would definitely be Beckons’s.

The 24-year-old would be a great choice to bring Marvel Girl to life on screen and she has the right level of confidence and screen presence to do this mutant justice. Shipka’s role as Sabrina was proof of this.

3. Sadie Sink


Sadie Sink, 21, is best known for playing Sstranger things‘ Max, a role which saw her earn critical praise and establish herself as an actress with serious range.

This is something that we also got to see whale And for you Taylor Swift fans, we’re sure you remember her in the “All Too Well: The Short Film” music video, written and directed by the singer.

Yes, she’s red-haired, but that’s not the only reason Sink is here. However, she undeniably looks the part Marvel Girl, and by the time Marvel Studios starts casting she should be a perfect fit for the role and has even more experience as an actress.

2. Leslie Grace


She missed out on playing a red-headed superhero, but Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s shocking decision to cancel almost completed work bat girl This has nothing to do with Leslie Grace’s inclusion here.

in the heights Her breakout role has been marked and we have yet to really see what she can do beyond this. Jean Gray will be an exciting role for the 29-year-old and we believe it will allow the actress to shine as one of the most powerful members of the X-Men.

There will inevitably be some predictable reaction to this casting; It’s unfortunate, but we’re sure Grace can silence the haters since she was once on set with the DCEU’s Barbara Gordon.

1. Lily James


At 34, Lily James is the oldest actress listed here, but if we once again assume that the MCU will introduce the X-Men as established heroes, we don’t see why it matters. Remember, when Janssen was cast in Bryan Singer, he was in his mid-30s X Men,

making a name for myself in Downton Abbey And cinderellaJames has made waves in the movies since baby driver, TomorrowAnd iron claw, She also gave a transformative performance as Pamela Anderson Pam and Tommy,

With all this in mind, we believe the British actress would be a phenomenal Jean Grey. James effortlessly commands the moment she’s on screen and will undoubtedly deliver the version of the character that fans have been waiting to see on screen.


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