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DSince the mid-1970s, British filmmaker Terence Davies has created a unique, intimate and poignant body of work. His novels reveal an organic relationship with narration, a reflection of the twists and turns of memory (Terence Davis Trilogy1976–1983), childhood memories and passing time (distant sounds, still lives1988,a long day is coming to an end1992) as well as the pain of creation (Emily Dickinson, A Quiet Passion2016, andSiegfried’s Notebookwhich is presented at the Center Pompidou on 1er March, in preview of its release on March 6). Equipped with whimsical staging and laced with multiple textures, his films also dive into the past and the working culture of his native country, particularly the city of Liverpool ( of time and city, 2008, his only documentary), is surrounded by music that is sometimes popular, sometimes classical, both historical and emotional. What emerges is a poignant self-portrait of the filmmaker, his passions and his sufferings, the fruit of a difficult childhood and a tortured homosexuality, haunted by the terrorizing experience of faith. These elements mark the first part of his filmography which is exclusively autobiographical.

Screenwriter of all his films, he has also adapted some classics of Anglo-Saxon literature (neon bibleBy John Kennedy Tool, 1996,among the happy people of the worldby Edith Wharton, 2000 orthe deep blue seaby Terence Rattigan, 2011) finds an echo in her marginalized characters, giving rise to a series of brilliant portraits of women played by great actresses: Jenna Rowlands, Gillian Anderson, Rachel Weisz, Agyness Deyn, Tom Hiddleston, Simon Russell With Beale or more recently Jack Lowden. Working with the filmmaker made an impact on him. they tell.

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