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Guatemala City, February 11 (AGN).— Guatemalan Institute of Social Security (IGSS) This Sunday, he sent best wishes to all the women doctors on the occasion of Medical Women’s Day.

The message published on his social networks says:

We congratulate all the women who work tirelessly to create a valuable legacy.

World Medical Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 11 February, this date has been created with the purpose of paying special tribute to the English-born doctor. elizabeth blackwellBorn in 1821 in Bristol, England, he later moved to the United States. She was the first woman in the world to obtain a medical degree in the United States and later took up this profession for the betterment of humanity.

first doctor in guatemala

In Guatemala, the first woman to receive the title of Doctor and Surgeon was María Isabel Escobar Quintana in 1942.

In addition, Quintana was the founder of the Medical College of Guatemala, and in 1966 she served as the first president of the Medical Women’s Association of Guatemala.

Similarly, Escobar obtained the title of primary education teacher and Bachelor of Science and Letters at the Minerva School of Quetzaltenango in 1930, where she excelled in oratory competitions. He graduated as a doctor and surgeon from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala in 1942.

María Isabel Escobar Quintana, first doctor and surgeon in Guatemala.

honorary member

After graduating, she received a scholarship from the Latin American Pediatrics Committee, with which she was able to pursue specialty studies at New York University and in Baltimore, Maryland. He was interested in pediatrics, so he worked at the Pediatric Association of Guatemala. He held positions on the board of directors and also chaired that entity from 1959–1960, after which he was named an honorary member.

Dr. Escobar Quintana also worked at the San Juan de Dios General Hospital and the Child Protection Society. Escobar was born on 7 July 1911 in Sololá and died on 24 April 2001.

Nowadays there are a lot of doctors in Guatemala. Many people work in institutions like IGSS and Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), His work in ensuring comprehensive health care for thousands of patients in Guatemala is remarkable.

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The school year in the public sector begins on Monday, February 19


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