Yajaira will be rejected in Surf City starting in May

Rafael Avalos, the elected mayor of La Libertad Costa, stated that he would not tolerate abuse or mistreatment of tourists.

By J. barrera
March 25, 2024- 10:56

Rafael Ávalos, the elected mayor of La Libertad Costa, explained through his

In his post, Avalos retweeted a post showing YazairaThe famous dancer of San Salvador’s Libertad Park, performing in the nearby restaurant area Sunset Park.

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According to the future head of that municipality, he will follow the example of the mayor of San Salvador, mario duranWho in recent days had banned the performance of dancers and musical combos in Plaza Libertad.

Yajaira Surf City
From May 1, tourists will no longer be able to watch Yazaira’s performance in Surf City. www.youtube.com/watch?v=0caTSV0T_wo&t=319s

Users of that social network have reacted to that notice. Some people support the decision and use objectionable and derogatory words towards the 75-year-old dancer, while others completely disagree with the ban on Yazaira’s performance.

“It is enough that Mrs. Yazaira is not obscene, because otherwise she would have to remove everyone who charges for anything,” “Well, for these people, especially the elderly, more than removing them, they Pension will have to be guaranteed, yes.” No, how do you want them to live?”,”Measurement is good. The truth is that they are shameful and to make matters worse, they almost extort money from tourists. Let them work to eat”, “Then, you should ban all bacchanals and disorders in El Tunco and El Zonte, among other places. Don’t be angry with Yajaira.”There are some comments.

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