Yankees agree to terms with 15th best international prospect 2024

The Yankees are adding one of the best outfield prospects available on the international market this year.

The Yankees agreed to terms with MLB.com’s No. 15 international prospect Dominican Francisco Villorio when the 2024 signing period begins on Monday, according to industry sources. The club has not yet confirmed the agreement.

According to journalist Hector Gomez, the settlement was worth US$1.7 million.

The Yankees lost $1 million from their international signing pool last year when they signed Carlos Rodon, who rejected a qualifying offer from the Giants, giving the Bronx Bombers $4,652,200.

Francisco Vilorio is trained by HPP Carlos Lopez in the Dominican Republic.

Vilorio is a tall outfielder with the ability to hit with power and impact the game in a variety of ways. The athletic teen has a solid bat and the potential to hit for average and power in the future. He is already showing increasing strength and should gain more strength as his body matures.

Overall, if he continues to develop at the expected pace, he projects to be a middle-of-the-road hitter and an offensive threat. His offensive ability makes him valuable, but he’s also improving on the other side of the game. Vilorio has enough defensive potential to start in center field and could remain there. There is also a possibility that he gets a lot bigger and moves to one of the corners of the outfield, as he will hopefully have the strength with the bat to be able to do so. Currently, he has a strong arm and a bat that makes him a perfect fielder.

An international player is eligible to sign a contract with a Major League team between January 15 and December 15. You must be 16 years of age before signing and 17 by September 1 of the following year.

This means that players born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 will be eligible to sign in the current period. Players must be pre-registered with Major League Baseball to be eligible to sign.

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