Yasiel Puig said after signing Ozzie Guillen

As a result of his good rapport with his new teammates, the primary objectives were accomplished and the trophy managed to reach the showcase after a long journey of almost 38 years.

Other than this, yasiel puig He always expressed his admiration for the captain ozzie guillen And after learning that he would repeat his mandate for the 2024-25 season, he did not hesitate to indicate his views and, in turn, congratulated him for such a wise decision.

Yasiel Puig was happy for Guillen

“The best of the best stay together.” @tiburonesbbc To go for the second time in a row after a super wait of 38 years”he indicated yasiel puig In the stories of the above social network.

Cuban felt like family on the Sharks team. His stay in the country became quite pleasant and so did his sporting relations with Ekstraklasa ozzie guillenHarmony and complete respect appreciated under fluidity.

Undoubtedly, the Venezuelan presence allowed Perfect Gear to win both the league title and caribbean series, These little tips and advice were followed at all times yasiel puigWhich today gives importance to the learning time experienced during the season.

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