You Can Now Buy (and Wear) Jessica Chastain’s Red Carpet Dress Thanks to Vestiaire Collective

Hollywood glamor just a click away – and for a good cause? this is the promise collective locker room By offering to purchase items from the wardrobe of the chic and sensual Jessica Chastain. In fact, from Gucci to MAC & MAC, through Givenchy or even Roland Mouret and Tod’s… In this virtual (and five-star) wardrobe nod, the Oscar-winning actress and style icon shares her ultra-personalized endorsement Let’s present some things from. Charity Women for Women International.

Jessica Chastain for Vestiaire Collective: A cohesive wardrobe worthy of the Hollywood red carpet

For this supportive and circular fashion curation, Jessica Chastain teamed up with her longtime stylist, Elizabeth Stewart. Between them, he selected the iconic pieces that made the history of Jessica Chastain’s glamorous looks on the red carpet and gave them a second life at Vestiaire Collective. Profits from sales will be donated to Women for Women International, which works to protect women living in conflict zones and support survivors in their family and professional lives to help them achieve economic independence. Does. In short, the ideal opportunity to satisfy our desire for rhinestones and glitter by doing a good deed.

Jessica Chastain for Vestiaire Collective: An alternative pick to mimic the actress’ look (but still just as glamorous)

In addition to this 100% red carpet empty dressing room, which is selling out fast, Vestiaire Collective has also thought about a selection of pieces and accessories to match the glamorous look. jessica chastain, In fact, this quintessentially feminine, flamboyant Hollywood redhead has the gift of accentuating her perfect look without losing an ounce of elegance and sexiness. An effortless sense of style that we take inspiration from without any restraint, thanks to this tailor-made purchase.

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