YouTube slows down entire pages in its fight against ad blockers

YouTube has been trying to discourage the use of ad blockers in browsers for months, because they impact its advertising business, And in a new effort to win this battle, it has started expanding the slowdown of not only the videos being played but also the page to more users.

Google’s video platform confirmed in November that it was implementing a series of measures to prevent users from using ad blockers such as AdGuard, AdLock and Ghostery in their browsers, aimed at blocking content that plays before and during videos. Ads were to be avoided.

To the notification that warns that the use of these extensions will prevent video playback Unless they are disabled or uninstalled, videos will slow down or even stop.

Now, as reported at 9to5Google, these Google efforts are expanding to more users globally, who have detected loading issues over the past two days, which they initially confused with Internet connection failures.

Users who have shared their experience on forums such as Reddit report that the entire YouTube page freezes in Edge while playing a video, not allowing to load anything or interact with the video, even Doesn’t even allow writing comments.

YouTube has always indicated that users who want an optimal experience on its platform can choose to uninstall ad blockers and allow these advertising content, or by using a premium subscription if they do not want ads. Can.

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