Zayn finally returns with “What I Am” ahead of a new “Insecure” album

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What happens to Zain? If this question has come to the minds of the singer’s millions of fans, it’s because the British artist has remained very discreet since the release of the prophetically titled album “Nobody Is Listening.” Without any hits to support it, this third opus went completely unnoticed, peaking at number 17 in the United Kingdom and number 44 in the American charts. Disappointment for former group member in the same direction, whose solo debut in 2017 with “Mind of Mine” was a worldwide success. Aspiring for greater simplicity away from the spotlight, Zayn Malik focused on writing new introspective songs. , I’m making a record that I don’t think people really expect. It’s a different sound to me. And there’s more stories in there, like real experiences and all that. My daughter has been mentioned several times » he said this summer when the single “Love Like This” was released.

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“No one else interferes between me and the music.”

On this intimate project, Zayn surrounded himself with a great collaborator in the form of Dave Cobb, an American producer based in Nashville, best known for his work with country stars Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile. but also Lady Gaga On “Always Remember Us This Way”. , What attracted me to Zain was his voice. We can hear love, loss, pain, triumph and humanity. I feel like this record removes a layer of protection from his mind. Zayn has really created his own universe on this album, he truly has no fears and speaks straight from his soul » He assured in a recent interview Rolling stone, Just a week after this speech, Zayn finally announced the release date of his new album “Room Under the Stairs”. , The idea behind this album is to give listeners a better idea of ​​who I personally am as a person. My ambitions, my fears. That they might have some connection with him. That’s why it’s so raw and vulnerable, it’s just me writing. I wanted no one else to interfere between me and the music, the music and the people listening to it » He’s confident in the video that serves as a trailer for the record, which will be released on May 17.

It is with the acoustic song “What I Am” that Zayn chose to usher in this new musical era. Over a simple guitar tune, the 31-year-old singer bares his heart amid a love storm, and reassures his other half who is drifting away that he remains the same. , If I told you I love you, would you say it’s messed up? / If I told you they were flying, would you say you looked up? / Don’t take me for what I say, just take me for who I am / ‘Cause that’s where I’m staying, with both my feet in the sand » he whispers in a sweet voice as we see him crossing wild landscapes in the lyric video released especially for the occasion. If the tracklist of the album “Room Under the Stairs” is not known, we know that the album will contain a total of 15 tracks. to be continued !

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