Zendaya: In a vintage dress with a plunging neckline, she leaves you speechless

Zendaya The celebrity is one of the best dressed celebrities on the planet today. And she can thank her partner Law Roach. Since announcing his retirement in March 2023, the celebrity stylist has never worked so well. The fashion pro continues to create eye-catching looks for the 27-year-old actress. Recently he gave Zendaya a chance to impress during her promotional tour Dune, part two. From the dress slit to the groin, whose style is reminiscent of the world of science fiction films, to Thierry Mugler’s incredible futuristic robot costume, including a sulfurous cut-out dress that reveals the actress’s lower abdomen: Fashion The pair offered us a parade of stunning outfits.

And if the promo of the second part of the saga dune Now that it’s over, our two companions continue to impress us. While Zendaya attended the ceremony Green Carpet Fashion Awards This Wednesday, March 6, with Law Roach in Los Angeles, Tom Holland’s girlfriend once again left us speechless with a breathtaking look. heroine of the series Excitement Simply breathtaking role was played in Long brown ruffled dress with a plunging neckline Even more low-cut backless cut at bust level and at the back.

Zendaya shines in high-cut Roberto Cavalli dress at Green Carpet Fashion Awards

As is often the case, La Roach searched the archives of the greatest designers for Zendaya’s dress. The star’s stunning dress, which surprisingly highlighted her figure, was truly a Vintage Roberto Cavalli Composition From the Italian designer’s spring-summer 2011 collection. To complete the actress’s look, the stylist accessorized her gray dress. bulgari silver bracelet collection (a brand that Zendaya uses), worn on the wrist, but also on her arms.

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