Zoe Saldana credits her Star Trek fame to Steven Spielberg in Twisted Frame of Events

Zoe Saldana famously starred as Nyota Uhura star trek film series, but before his career success in that film, he didn’t know everything about the franchise. He was introduced to the world of Trekkies through director Steven Spielberg.

zoe saldanazoe saldana
zoe saldana

Saldana was cast in Spielberg’s 2004 film the terminal As Dolores, obsessed with an immigration officer star trek, Due to her character’s personality, the actress did a lot of research until her popularity as Dolores the Trekkie became beneficial to her getting the role in J.J. Abrams’ 2009. star trek Installment.

Didn’t know anything about Zoe Saldana star trek

in an interview with trekmovieActress Zoe Saldana confesses she had no idea about anything star trek Until she starred in Steven Spielberg’s film. His character was a lot like a Trekkie and he had to play someone who was passionate about the franchise.

,I didn’t even know what the word ‘Trekkie’ meant. So I didn’t know what conferences were. I knew about Star Trek, but not extensively. So getting the experience of being a Trekkie and going to these conferences is a part of my research,

Part of his character study was to look back star trek Movies. He felt inspired by the franchise and realized that even after many years, it still has a loyal following.

,I watched a few episodes, and I watched Trekkies 1 and 2, and I remember watching it, and people around me were laughing at everything, and I felt so overwhelmed, and I felt so happy that I remember thinking, ‘I want to be like that, I want to be so passionate about something that I incorporate it into my everyday life and that’s why I wake up and it fulfills me.’ ‘ ,

zoe saldana star trekzoe saldana star trek
in zoe saldana star trek

Tea Guardians of the Galaxy The star’s appreciation for fans and films helped her land the role of Nyota Uhura in 2009. star trek, Saldana also shared that Spielberg visited the set and told everyone that he taught the actress how to do the Vulcan salute.

,It was through the fans that I became very, very curious. What is it about this show and these characters and these stories that attracted people to keep it alive even after forty years of only a few seasons?,

star trek It has an impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film grossed over $385 million against a production budget of $150 million.

Zoe Saldana wants to do another one star trek Movies

in his conversation with comic bookZoe Saldana reveals she is aware of brewing news star trek Installment. He was only concerned that the older actors would be replaced by younger actors.

,I just heard they’re preparing to do a new thing with the youth, go for it. Like it’s closed. I don’t know if it’s before or after, but they really still hope to capture all of us veterans and bring us back for one last round,

Zoe Saldana Star Trek 2Zoe Saldana Star Trek 2
in zoe saldana star trek

The actress expressed her excitement to finally return to the franchise for one last film. It will definitely take a lot of work to get the entire team back, but she is not losing hope.

,Listen, I know it’s very difficult to juggle a whole group of people with busy schedules. But, working with JJ Abrams and for JJ Abrams on Bad Robot was always an amazing and beautiful experience for me. So, if I get a chance to do this one last time, I would be very grateful.,

Saldana is really grateful for Steven Spielberg’s involvement star trekThe franchise that helped launch her career and made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

star trek Available to stream via Netflix.

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