Only two countries in the world that will survive if a nuclear war breaks out

The threat of nuclear war or World War III is an issue that is becoming less and less important. In a geopolitical framework with several open fronts in Ukraine or Israel, nuclear testing by countries such as Russia or North Korea, including the United States, suggests that a conflict may soon break out and lead to devastating consequences and With the launch of weapons. Or missiles, creating a catastrophic scenario in the world and causing millions of deaths in all countries. Except for two countries whose residents are believed to be alive and intact, according to one study.

For the Reason

Washington and Moscow have spoken on several occasions about the high probability of a nuclear conflict involving all countries of the world, especially after the invasion of Ukraine began. Not only would catastrophic consequences occur immediately, but its effects would be felt many years later, leaving a nearly uninhabitable planet that would be very difficult to rebuild.

Something that could be close, because just a few weeks ago, the Doomsday Clock indicated that we were 90 seconds away from the apocalypse. It is a symbolic clock warning how close we are to destroying the world, which was created in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, founded by Albert Einstein. Similarly, in 2019, the Science and Global Security Program (SGS) from Princeton University, United States simulated a nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States (along with other NATO countries).

The threats between Russia and NATO over the use of nuclear weapons are becoming more real: Which two countries can avoid nuclear war?

According to these reports, prepared by a team led by science historian Alex Wellerstein, an expert in the history of nuclear weapons, more than 34 million people would die in just three hours following a hypothetical launch of three hundred Russian nuclear weapons toward the West. Which would respond against Moscow with about two hundred.

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