10 Altcoins That Crypto Experts Buy

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  • According to him, cryptocurrency market analysts have named some altcoins that have immense potential.
  • One expert highlighted projects involving decentralized physical infrastructure networks that develop blockchain-based management systems for real-world facilities, such as computing power markets and real-world data.
  • Selected altcoins include: Polygon, Vertex, Roon and AstroSwap, among others.

When everything pointed to a new bullish trend in the crypto market, Bitcoin started sinking rapidly and dragging all the altcoins down.

However, experts have highlighted some specific tokens that have huge potential in the future and that could benefit during general market downturns.

Ishan Bhaidani, co-founder of DeFi-based SCRIB3 project, highlights Crypto Banter YouTube channel Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network,

What are these projects? those who develop Blockchain-Based Management System For real-world features, such as real-world data and computing power markets.

Altcoins named by experts

Bhaidaani gave his opinion on currency demo (DIMO), which has developed a decentralized version of hardware placed in cars to collect data for insurance discounts based on driving behavior.

In this network, users are able to share relevant information such as kilometers traveled, car manufacturers and insurance companies.

With a market capitalization of $86 million, demo It is ranked 375th in the ranking and is trading at 0.42 USD.

Another analyst named VirtualBeacon was named decentralized social (DESO), which is in 145th place in the ranking with a capitalization of more than $320 million. It is currently trading at $36 with a weekly loss of over 9%.

Jose Maria Macedo, partner at Delphi Labs, chose Astroswap (Astro), a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on the Cardano blockchain.

The token is very small, with a market capitalization of just $3.2 million, placing it in 1,252nd place. It is currently trading at $0.00093, up 17% since the beginning of the year.

Other tokens named by experts are: polygon (Matic), pinnacle (vrtx), Prisma Finance (prism), etna network (Ethna), thorchain (rune) and superverse (Very good).

It should be noted that these are not cryptocurrency investment advice and further research is recommended before carrying out any type of operations.

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