Susana Almeida, General Secretary of IGBA

International Association for Generic and Biosimilar Medicines (igba), has announced the appointment of representatives of manufacturers of these medicines worldwide Susana Almeida As the new General Secretary of the organization.

After 20 years of contribution to the role of organizations and companies in the European and international pharmaceutical industry for generic and biosimilar medicines, Almeida also contributes its extensive experience to the process of international harmonization of standards through the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements . Registry of Pharmaceutical Products for Human Use (ICH).

Susana Almeida’s career

Before joining the IGBA, Almeida was Director of Clinical Development and Safety at the employers’ association. Medicines for Europe. Too Has worked in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance in Europe and North America, and his experience includes the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Pharmacology from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (uab), and is the author of numerous scientific articles.

“I firmly believe that MGeneric and biosimilar medicines play a fundamental role To promote patients’ access to quality medicines at sustainable costs. I look forward to working with IGBA members to amplify our voices. A strong off-patent medicines sector is essential for a healthy pharmaceutical ecosystem,” said Susana Almeida.

for its part, adrian van den hovenThe General Director of Medicines for Europe and President of the IGBA said: “Susana Almeida has joined the IGBA.” Key moments for access to medicines, His extensive international experience in the regulatory, political and business arenas will help the generic and biosimilar medicines sector achieve its essential public health mission in collaboration with our stakeholders. “I look forward to working with him to bring about much-needed reforms to drug policies around the world.”

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