US has conducted three migrant deportation flights to Venezuela so far in 2024


In the first three weeks of the year, the United States has carried out 79 repatriation flights for migrants entering the country irregularly, the majority from Guatemala and Honduras, as part of closer cooperation between Mexico and the United States. Had taken. US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar on Monday.

“This year alone, from January 1 to today, we have flown 79 flights to their countries of origin,” Salazar said at a news conference from the US Embassy in the Mexican capital.

Salazar did not specify the number of people who were transferred on these flights, although he said these actions were “an important part” of managing the unprecedented migrant flow.

It said that these flights were for 12 countries. The majority are Latin American, such as the aforementioned Guatemala and Honduras, with 36 and 23 respectively; As well as El Salvador (6), Colombia (3), Venezuela (3) and Ecuador (2).

Similarly, the US ambassador highlighted the meeting last week in Washington between Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as an example of solid joint work on immigration matters.

“We are working closely with the Government of Mexico,” he stressed, underscoring the two governments’ cooperation as a “shared responsibility.”

Among these reinforcement measures, he mentioned increased immigration controls on bus, train and plane routes into Mexico, as well as harassment by authorities in both countries of international organizations that take advantage of migrants.

This morning, Foreign Minister Bárcena said that migration from the country to the United States has halved since December, a fact that was recognized by the White House in a bilateral meeting last Friday.

“The results achieved by Mexico in reducing (migration) by half in this period were greatly appreciated, on December 18 there was a pressure of 12,498 migrants at our border and this was reduced to 6,751 (per day) and this was recognized “, assured Bárcena at the daily conference of Mexican President Andrés López Obrador.

Also this Tuesday, López Obrador is scheduled to meet with Texan U.S. Congressmen Michael McCaul and Randy Weber, who are visiting the country amid immigration tensions.

The meeting comes just days after Mexico condemned anti-immigrant comments by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who on January 11 suggested that officers in his state not shoot migrants because the Joe Biden administration would accuse them of murder. Will make allegations. …efe


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