Hailey Bieber dares to ditch the coat and go for a no pants look!

We first thought of a strange craze seen around catwalks and fashion shows, a microcosm that is never afraid of a big dose of eccentricity. “No pants”understand the idea of don’t wear pants This surprised us as much as it made us smile. But it’s clear that at least in the celebrity sphere, the concept has come a long way to the point of explaining. The result: As the holidays approach, we’re almost tempted to go pantsless. If you need a good reason to get started, a New Year’s Eve party sounds perfect. And for those who might say that not wearing winter pants sounds like a pretty crazy idea, that’s because they definitely haven’t seen the latest street style By Hailey Bieber…

Hailey Bieber in Los Angeles on December 14, 2023

Haley didn’t dare to wear any pants in winter

This December 14, the official high priestess was out with her husband Justin Bieber, without pants, on the streets of Los Angeles. And in the search for a new look that will make a big impact, nothing seems to be stopping Hailey Bieber, Don’t even think about wearing a big coat, but no pants. Under the XXL beige fleece model and completely oversized (one of the big trends of the moment), the superstar wears only a red sweatshirt, also long, on which we can read “New York” (while he is in California, scandal…) . his tip to give no pants effect : A short shorty of the same color, barely visible. On her feet, she dares to wear visible white socks in a pair of Hyper Mary Janes fashionable, A cap on the head completes the matter. An assembly that works and that we immediately add to our moodboard “No Pants Looks”.

Hailey Bieber in Los Angeles on December 14, 2023

no pants in all seasons

no pants and coat, This idea has not only been approved but also fully adopted hailey bieber Which is not its first attempt. Back in November, she had already adapted the idea, this time with a long purple coat. Something to be inspired by. So we take advantage of going in the evening to try it (and it’s a day when we don’t have to go out too much). Good idea: Replace sweatshirts with warm sweaters and add tights to the mix. Enough to ensure you don’t catch pneumonia and warm hearts with the ultra look warm, Now is the time to go pantless on all occasions. Who would dare to mess with it?

Hailey Bieber in New York on November 20, 2023

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