125 million views, even though it hasn’t been released yet: This movie with Anne Hathaway is already breaking records!

The trailer for “The Idea of ​​You,” starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, has broken a viewing record for a Prime Video production. Even before its release on May 2, the trailer has received more than 125 million views across various platforms, surpassing the scores of Netflix movies like “Agent Stone” or “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F.”

produced by Michael ShowalterThis romantic comedy is an adaptation of a novel of the same name written by robin lee in 2007. The author revealed that she was inspired byHarry Stylesagain boy band member in the same directionTo create the character of Hayes Campbell, a young singer with whom forty-year-old Solenn, played by Anne Hathaway, falls in love.

During the preview at the festival south west to south The Oscar-winning actress appeared impressed by the crowd’s reception in Austin on March 16.

“I don’t want to be influenced based on my age, gender or awards. I just want to entertain,” she said in response to criticism of her choice of role.

A credible casting inspired by the popularity of Harry Styles

If this success can be partly explained Anne Hathaway’s popularity is still at the topChoosing your male partner is also very strategic. 28 years old, British nicholas gallitzin There is one face that is already known among Prime Video subscribers.

He first starred opposite Camila Cabello in the musical remake of “Cinderella,” then played a prince with a troubled sexual orientation in the romcom. lgbtq+ “My dear f**king prince”. Two movies produced by Amazon Studios that were hits on the platform.

But the secret of this discussion about “the idea of ​​being with you” is to be found above all Harry Styles has 48 million followers on Instagram., former fansin the same direction As soon as the trailer was posted online, I immediately reached out to it. It must be said that the character of Hayes Campbell is directly inspired by the singer, as confirmed by Robin Lee, the author of the original novel.

When fan fiction comes to the cinema!

There is actually a person behind this film project very crazy story, In 2017, this American actress and screenwriter published your viewA novel featuring the romance between 40-year-old single mother Solenn and 20-year-old Hayes, leader of the boy band August Moon.

Quickly, the rumor grew: Hayes’ character would actually Directly inspired by Harry Styles, was then in a relationship with actress Olivia Wilde, ten years his senior. Robin Lee finally confirmed that she based her story on their relationship to imagine her story.

, By chance I met this wonderful young man whom I had never heard of. I spent hours researching it. I learned that he often dated older women. ,

It was promoted as a literary phenomenon due to its proximity to the singer’s love life, The book quickly became a bestseller., Then studios take this “fan fiction” that has become respectable and turn it into a movie. And they’re counting on the community of “Harries” (the nickname for Harry Styles fans) to ensure its success.

Anne Hathaway accepts her role choices

Still, seeing an Oscar-winning actress like Anne Hathaway commit to such a project has drawn some criticism. Some Internet users decided that they did not have the ability to film an adaptation of “”. staunch “. Comments by the main interested party were sidelined during the film’s preview on 16 March.

, I don’t want to be criticized based on my age, my gender or the fact that I won an Oscar. I just want to have fun » he announced. , For some reason we talk about coming of age stories that happen early in our lives, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I keep thriving. ,

In any case, the bet is poised to succeed. with 125 million views in just a few daysThe trailer of “The Idea of ​​Being With You” has had a great start. Enough to predict a huge audience for its release on May 2 on Prime Video. In the meantime, Harry Styles fans will have to be patient…

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