3-1. foden reigns in manchester

Sports Editorial, 3 March (EFE).- Hero of the Etihad, the day when Erling Haaland thwarted an unimaginable goal before his final revenge, Phil Foden appeared as a counterbalancing factor in the overwhelming dominance of Manchester City , who secured the win thanks to an early goal from Marcus Rashford for a Manchester United team whose derby took a long time.

In a great battle for the leadership of the Premier League with Liverpool, faced with the obligation to win after the trip to Anfield, City responded with the composure with which they wiped themselves off the field until they defeated Manchester United. Did not disappear. His endurance exercises continued until Foden made the decision.

In a battle of styles it was clear that everyone at Pep Guardiola’s City knows what they are playing and Eric ten Hag’s Manchester United did very well with the derby suit. Sustained by a genius strike from Rashford after eight minutes. Rewarding the simple with a spectacular goal. Long ball by Onana, welcome by Bruno Fernandes, back pass and a 30 meter right hand that can’t be appealed.

A goal that made Manchester United dream of coming out on top in the coin toss that has happened in their matches recently. The security of the 2024 debut is buried with the games in which he yearns for leadership. No one moved forward. Rashford was left alone in the fight, always trying to exploit space on the counter-attack in Guardiola’s defensive line of three.

The city had no choice but to take the risk. The fight for the title included a victory before an attempted attack on Anfield. The leaders, Liverpool, had won at the buzzer and the gap was set at 4 points the following day. With always strong possession (74%) and a frenetic pace of play, the quest for a comeback began.

This goal surprised everyone. City remained in the opponent’s area, constantly giving away corners – up to twelve in the first half –, Foden refined his left foot, Stones slept in the shot and Haaland did not need a header. But the weak point of Guardiola’s team this season is the comeback after defeat. Spaces that appear in brief effective defense. Rashford took advantage of him and Garnacho wanted him.

Due to constant pressure from City, United had to step back. Was in good position early on, even forgiving the second after a slip from Ruben Dias, he was the last man out, leaving only Rashford the whole field to run into. Poor control and coverage of Walker was decisive. As strong as Onana’s in the first act. Taking Foden’s cross shot with his right foot, from whom he snatched a one-on-one with a quick exit a few minutes later.

Local ball superiority did not translate into dangerous activities. The dominance without determination in the final meters was reflected in 18 shots, only three on goal. There was even a feeling of causing more damage when, once again, Rashford appeared to forgive another shocking action from United with a poor shot at the far post.

With less overflow than usual towards Doku. Bernardo Silva is trying to calm down a match without control. Despite the lack of clarity in the first act, City always produces. Onana wanted to be the derby hero with a shot from Rodri. He hooked Warren’s poorly centered clearance with his right hand with his power and a final bounce on the grass, eluding the goalkeeper’s intervention, who, thank heavens, already made the save on the brink of half-time. Looked towards.

Because Hollande has failed like never before. Only between the posts, after Rodri’s centre, Foden’s precise header and a high left-footed shot. It is more difficult to send it to the stands than to the net. United miraculously survived as the second half seemed like an eternity. Has become even stronger in his field. Without a midfielder who could demand the ball and improve the game.

City rebounded and the match lasted as long as Onana could last. Doku’s shot that was deflected down the stretch by a defender was his last serve. He could do nothing in the return of the opening goal, when Foden made a mistake with his left foot and whipped an unreachable shot into the top corner. Ten Hag was reprimanded for his complaint after calling a foul on Rashford at the start of the game.

He knew what was going to happen. Without bench depth, with a squad worse than Almighty City, which got more dynamite with the entry of Julián Álvarez onto the scene. United no longer exists. It’s about time. And it came after a marking error by Casemiro had sent Foden into a tizzy when he walloped Julian, and when he reacted, the derby hero had already signed his double for his glory. Haaland still had time to respond, after Rodri defined the first time to steal in the high zone and satisfy the hunger of an insatiable scorer.

– Data Sheet:

3 – Manchester City: Ederson; Walker, Ruben Dias, AK; Rodri, Stones; Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne, Foden (Bob, m.97), Doku (Julian Alvarez, m.59); And Holland.

1 – Manchester United: Onana; Dalot, Varane, Evans (Kambawala, d.69), Lindelof; Manu (Amrbat, M.82), Casemiro; Bruno Fernandes, McTominay, Garnacho (Forson, M.82); and Rashford (Antony, M.75).

Goals: 0-1, m.8: Rashford. 1-1, M.56: Foden. 2-1, M.80: Foden. 3-1, M.91: Holland.

Referee: A.Madley. He alerted Warren (68) and coach Ten Hag for Manchester United.

Events: Match of the twenty-seventh match of the Premier League, played at the Etihad Stadium.

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