4 apps for iPhone that improve the experience with Apple Music

Apple Music is exceptional, but there are some apps that could definitely be made even better. Here are some recommendations.

4 apps for iPhone that improve the experience with Apple Music
apple music apps

There is no doubt that Apple Music is the best optimized music app for iPhone, iOS 17 has many functions such as shared lists, where you can enjoy everyone’s songs without limits and each update shows excellent improvements that you can undoubtedly take advantage of, but that will certainly be more for third parties. can improve.

But If I told you that a great experience can become unbeatable, what would you do? There are apps that allow you to get that extra thing you need while playing your favorite songs, and now we are going to mention/recommend them to you.

Improve your experience and Apple Music with these 4 apps

Although iOS comes with a native Apple Music appThere are some third-party apps that offer an even better experience for those who subscribe to Apple’s streaming service.

Sometimes it’s not just the quality of the music. Your library can come to life, you can play with them in a fun way And even improve the application interface so that you can use it more easily.

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber and want to know how to better enjoy your music library, We show you some of the best applications for iOS that will improve your experience,

apple music apps

Many of these apps will make an already great experience even better

Songcapsule: Rediscover your music library

Songcapsule, formerly known as Next DJ, is not just an alternative music player, but a revolutionary tool designed to breathe new life into your music collection. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the app creates smart playlists and magic DJs by mixing songs from your favorite artists and genres, helping you rediscover your favorite songs.

A really cool feature of SongCapsule is its Forgotten Songs playlistWhich brings together long-lost favorites from your library, ensuring that no gem in your library goes unnoticed.

Songcapsule quiz: a musical challenge

Developed by the creators of SongCapsule, SongCapsule Quiz renews the classic iPod music quiz game For today’s streaming culture. Contestants face the challenge of identifying songs from pieces, with the possibility of earning up to 1,000 points per round depending on speed and accuracy.

The game provides information about both your successes and failures, which makes the experience engaging and educational. Plus, it will help you re-listen to that hidden gem that was in your library but never actually listened to (or delete it if you want to save the memory).

Sur: Best Adaptation

Soor offers another attractive option for users looking to improve Apple Music on iOS, With its highly customizable interface, users can customize the home screen, switch between light and dark themes and rearrange playlists as per their liking.

In addition to managing local music libraries, Soor allows users to integrate sections of Apple Music, like more new songs for you. The Magic Mix feature allows you to create custom playlists with extensive filtering options.

Too, Soor supports multiple iOS home screen widgetsWhich enhances iPhone personalization and provides quick access to favorite music, including a nostalgic prompt for Cover Flow.

Marvis: Your partner towards personalization

For those who subscribe to Apple Music but aren’t fans of the standard Music app, Marvis presents an attractive alternative. This application allows you to browse your music library With a customizable home screen to suit your listening habits, across albums, playlists, genres and more.

apple music apps

You can change the interface and even modify the playback mode slightly.

Marvis is known for its side menu that can be accessed with gesturesPerfect for one-handed use, with an easy-to-use interface that supports portrait and landscape orientation.

Although it doesn’t improve the entire music experience, it is a perfect tool to improve Apple Music’s weakest point: its interface.


Each of these apps represents a unique entity designed to enhance the Apple Music experience, from rediscovering beloved songs with SongCapsule to personalizing your music journey with Marvis and Sur. Whether you want to challenge your music knowledge or simply want a more personalized listening experienceThese apps offer something for every Apple Music customer.

In fact, your experience could be perfect, because with the integration of Artificial Intelligence in Apple Music, you can get something you never imagined before. Let’s see how these apps and Apple’s improvements give you the extra features you need.

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