Houston Astros beat New York Mets before rain

Houston Astros This time he continued his winning streak against New York,

They faced each other this Sunday, March 3 Port St. Lucie the teams Houston Astros And New York Mets, The challenge lasted five innings. After the start of Chhathi, it was decided to end it due to weather conditions.

Despite afternoon rain across much of Florida, over six thousand people attended the stadium. Clover Park, The Houston Astros won by a score of five–2.

Manager joe espada He exhausted almost all the options. Figures with the most experience with the team Chief Were corey julks, jake meyers And yenner diaz,

offensive of Houston Astros Scored five runs on seven hits. Among those not caught were two homeruns. yenner diaz And corey julks They took the ball over the fence for the first time spring training, dominican Diaz while two were promoted julks Got multihits.

Another highlight in the box was jake meyers, The North American hit two doubles in three chances. He drove in one and scored in two. The team’s second extra-base hit joe singletonA double.

from the box jose urquidi Opened and withdrew three scheduled entries. He got nine outs, scored no runs, allowed three hits and struck out two. He did not move.

The other two episodes were thrown away brandon bilak And bennett sousa, Leftist from Florida, Souzatolerated both New York Mets,

Upcoming Houston Astros Games in Spring Training

Houston Astros After winning five consecutive games they take a short break. They have no scheduled games this Monday, March 4th. The next challenge will be on Tuesday at 5 pm miami marlins,

He opening day This is March 28th. sidereal team starts first new York Yankees At home

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