4 Effective Ways to Gain More Muscle and Volume If You’re Struggling with Your Workouts

If you’ve been strength training for a while, whether with your own body weight or using some type of equipment, you may have reached a point where you feel like you’re stuck, You look in the mirror, weigh yourself or compare your measurement records and see that no significant progress has been made. But it is normal. Muscles become accustomed to routine and need to be challenged to continue growing.

For this reason, it is convenient to keep in mind different strategies and tips so that when the time comes, Level up to progress And continue to increase strength and muscle which will make you look ‘bigger’.

“Paradoxically, strength training temporarily weakens muscles. Muscle fibers become damaged, glycogen stores are depleted and metabolic stress increases. But it is precisely these signals that make the muscles develop later, thanks to the so-called overcompensation”explains Marcos Vazquez, fitness expert, broadcaster of topics related to nutrition and health, and creator of Fitness Revolucionario.

i.e. with training the body experiences physical stress, but in turn generates a response to repair muscle damage through protein synthesis and the formation of new muscle cells. The result of the supercompensation process is that the body adapts, handling the same level of stress more easily, and making it possible to improve performance.

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“The main thing is to apply major stimuli In each supercompensation through the so-called progressive overload, one of the basic pillars of training,” says Vazquez, although he emphasizes that said overload does not mean “just lifting more weight.” “Doing additional repetitions with the same weight or increasing the range of motion is also progress,” he says.

In such a situation, experts advise four ways To get progressive overload

  1. add series
  2. add repetitions
  3. add weight
  4. increase range of motion

And as we mentioned at the beginning, whether using some type of equipment or using your own body weight, these strategies are equally valid. You can increase the number of sets, repetitions, weight and increase the range of motion Whether you train with free weights or do push-ups or squats, In the latter case, you can include more difficult variants or opt for a weighted vest.

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In any case, no matter what method you use to progress – you can even opt for supersets – the important thing is that you continue strength training because Makes a difference on many levels, If you have started a plan aimed at losing weight, if you want to age better so as not to become weaker and less functional, if you want to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury or here So if you want to look better, muscle development is essential.

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And if you combine this type of training with a little cardio you will multiply the benefits of the training. In fact, beyond other issues, it is Ideal view according to science To further reduce the risk of untimely death from any cause and suffering from certain diseases. So if strength training is already part of your essential habits, congratulations. And if you’re considering incorporating it, it’s better to do so today than tomorrow. However it is never too late.

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