5 phones you should buy instead of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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it’s difficult isn’t it Wish for the biggest smartphone and powerful markets, and right now, that’s Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung’s new flagship is here, and it’s one of the best smartphones you can buy today. The Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t just another smartphone; It is extremely powerful and has some properties Among the most advanced AI features Which is what we have seen in a phone with the best camera and battery life. In short, it’s great.

But you know what? No you have to Purchase As good as it is, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is just one of many smartphones you can buy, and many of them are just as good as the S24 Ultra, and even surpass it in some key aspects.

Not sure about spending $1,300 on Samsung’s latest? Here are five smartphones you should buy instead of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

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What is Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, In short, this is the phone that made us forget about the Galaxy S24 Ultra. After a great review, we were ready to put the S24 Ultra on Samsung’s top shelf and call it good for another year. Then the Galaxy S24 Plus came into our lives.

In short, this is the S24 Ultra with all the “extras” carefully removed. Sure, you don’t get the Ultra’s S Pen or periscopic zoom lens, but do you really need them? Because what you get for $300 less is the same 1440p AMOLED display with the same high-speed Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 1-120Hz dynamic refresh rate, and 45W charging speed. Yes, you’re taking a hit in the battery and screen size department, but the reduction is minor at best, as you’ll lose 0.1 inches from the screen’s diagonal measurement and 100 mAh from the 5,000 mAh battery. This is such a small change that it goes unnoticed and the same applies to the camera. The S24 Plus doesn’t have the same number of megapixels as its bigger brother, but it doesn’t need it as it delivers great results every time.

You can get more from the S24 Ultra, sure, but is that extra $300 really worth it for you? Of course, this is a question only you can answer. But as far as we’re concerned, the S24 Plus is phenomenal value for money and is the best Samsung Galaxy S this year.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (left) and S23 Ultra Joe Maring/Digital Trends

It’s easy to forget about yesterday’s toys when a new model comes out, but it’s worth remembering that “newer” doesn’t always mean “better.”

OkThat’s right, and yes, there is the S24 Ultra technically better, But Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It’s still an amazing phone. Compared to the new model, the differences are barely noticeable and can only be identified by diving into the spec sheet. The previous model is a gram lighter, has a few fewer pixels on the screen, and a slightly older processor. It’s still a sturdy, premium brick, with a gorgeous screen and an excellent amount of processing grunt hidden beneath a gorgeous design.

The S24 Ultra has Galaxy AI as a new flagship feature, but honestly you can leave it alone without worrying too much about it. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is still a great smartphone and as a bonus, it actually has something more to offer than the newer model. Remember the 5x periscopic zoom lens on the S24 Ultra? The S23 Ultra has a 10x zoom lens, which looks amazing in retrospect. Who needs it? No one, that’s why Samsung abandoned it. But that’s why the Ultra line exists, and when you turn the dial to 11 we should celebrate. Buy the Galaxy S23 Ultra instead and get a good discount on almost the same phone.

oneplus 12

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The OnePlus 12 is not a flagship killer (that’s the point). oneplus 12r), but there’s a strong argument that it’s the Galaxy S24 Ultra killer.

OnePlus has made its name by focusing on raw specs and removing as many extraneous features as possible, and in that sense, it’s the ideological opposite of the S24 Ultra, because the specs, not the special features, are the reason to buy this phone. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, giving it the same big brain as the S24 Ultra, but then OnePlus added up to 512GB of storage and a really ridiculous 16GB of RAM. The 1440p screen behind it has a 1Hz to 120Hz refresh rate, which is as big as the S24 Ultra. This phone can attack easily with muscular ultra and can stay on its feet in every round. It’s an even faster charger thanks to its ultra-fast charging speed of 80W.

The camera isn’t that great, but it’s still a solid shooter, and that easily balances out the big difference in price. The OnePlus 12 starts at $800, a huge $500 difference in price. Of course, this is for the base 256GB model with 12GB of RAM, but it’s similar to the specs offered by the base S24 Ultra, so what’s balanced out. If you want a bigger phone with great specs, get the OnePlus 12 and save a ton of money.

google pixel 8 pro

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Google’s Pixel line isn’t as common as Samsung’s Galaxy, but it’s earned itself a solid reputation, and with very good reason.

In years past, we would have immediately pegged Google Pixel phones as the best camera phones, but this year, the Galaxy S24 Ultra pulled off a surprise win in our S24 Ultra vs. Pixel 8 Pro. But even with that in mind, there are still plenty of good reasons to choose google pixel 8 pro Instead of Samsung’s giant smartphones. The camera system is still incredible and takes photos with better true-to-life colors, avoiding the vibrant saturation that Samsung opts for in its cameras. Although the wide-angle and telephoto shots aren’t as strong as the Samsung, it would be wrong to think that the Pixel 8 Pro doesn’t have an incredible camera system.

That’s not all there is to Google’s biggest new phone. It’s the same size as the S24 Ultra, so you don’t miss out in that department, and it also has similar display specs, including a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. The Google-made Tensor G3 processor is powerful and fast, and it has the same AI features as the S24 Ultra, because Google did it first.

Battery life falls a bit short, offering only a day per charge, but the Android version of the Pixel compensates for this with a super clean interface and useful features that don’t make the phone heavy. While we like One UI on the S24 Ultra, there’s no doubt there’s a lot of extra stuff there, and purists will love what Google offers.

The last point is the price. The Pixel 8 Pro is a larger phone with similar power, camera systems, and features to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, but it does so at a much lower price. The Google Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999, which is $300 less than the S24 Ultra, and upgrading to 256GB of storage (keeping it on par with the Ultra) will cost $1,059, which is about what you’ll pay for Samsung’s latest Much less than that. ,

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

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A compelling reason to buy the S24 Ultra is that it offers cutting-edge smartphone technology with extremely powerful features, a very impressive camera, and the most advanced display that money can buy. Why almost? Because Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 exists, and if you’re already spending at least $1,300 on a smartphone, why not go out and buy He The most advanced equipment?

In terms of specifications, it is similar to the S24 Ultra, although it is not as powerful. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is a stellar chip with more power than you’ll ever need, and the camera is still excellent. But we all know what’s the real attraction here: the screen. The 7.6-inch interior display has the same refresh rate as the S24 Ultra and is almost twice the width. When it is not possible to use such a large tablet-like screen, there is also a 6.2-inch screen on the outside.

Unlike most of the options on this list, the Z Fold 5 is more expensive than the S24 Ultra, with prices starting at $1,799. But when you’re looking to pay a lot of money on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and obviously want to get a little more, why not go a little further and In fact shoot for the stars?

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