50 cent coin for which they pay up to $125,000 in Mercado Libre

Collectors pay fortunes for coins that have some flaw or peculiarity. Learn why it is so valuable.

Strange coins and bills: Everything has value on the Internet.

Collectors category stamp and coins, an area known as numismatics, is one of the growing hobbies in recent times. Many copies are sold on the Internet, considered to be of some exclusivity. Rare arouse the interest of and collectorswhich they come to present big amount To get them.

For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to pay attention, because you never know if it’s a flaw in that unit, or if it’s a feature that could add ultimate value. On this occasion, it went viral on social networks that fans introduced $125,000 by a 50 cent coin,

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Let's take a look at the house: that copy looks like the one they paid a lot for.

Let’s take a look at the house: that copy looks like the one they paid a lot for.

Find Your Pants: How to Identify the Coin That’s Worth $125,000

Specialty of this coin 50 cents is it fully formed silverand was broadcast in 1882, a detail valued by collectors. Offers can range from $50,000 to $75,000.

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Collecting coins and banknotes: where to buy and sell copies

For those interested in exploring the area of Bills and coins with printing errorsIt is relevant to note that copies are automatically available on buying and selling platforms such as Mercado LibreAmazon and eBay,

Other than this, A variety of forums and websites have been created by experts in this fieldwhere they are for sale Coins and bills from different parts of the world Which not only have flaws in their construction, but they may also be old or out of date.


What is numismatics?

numismatics It is the discipline that deals with the study coins, allows you to set Its value facilitates the formal and historical dissemination of At the same time. An analysis model is established through numismatics.

In turn, it is a subsidiary science of archeology that deals, among other things, with coins or medals issued by a nation. Another meaning of the word numismatics is: hobby of collecting coins or medals, The word is of Latin origin and derives from the Greek word “Nomination”Derived from “nomos” meaning “custom or tradition.”

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