Undefeated: Cuban boxer Erislandy Alvarez wins in Dubai

once again cuban boxing The results strongly demonstrated the reputation it has earned. Saturday, January 27 witnessed the Cienfuegos native’s third professional appearance Erislandy AlvarezWho remained undefeated in rental boxing.

He world runner up version of Tashkent 2023presented on the poster in Dubai city People’s Fighters vs. Team Mexico, The fighter faced Azteca Roberto Zarinana in the 60 kg category. The match had high expectations, as Erislandi’s opponent had scored five knockouts in the past.

The officiating judges voted unanimously (3–0) in favor of Cuba, demonstrating that the victory was indisputable. capacity of “Tamer” The public gathered at the installation site enjoyed it.

New victory for Cuban boxing

“Fantastic battle between Erislandy and Corner”said the manager, praising the strategy adopted by the coaches in their quest for success.

Erislandy Alvarez, one of the pieces with the highest qualitative level in Cuban boxing today. The fiery gladiator won a silver medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games last year, as well as the highest finish on the podium. playa giron tournament 2024.

stage decoration Dubai, meaning another step for the renowned athlete in his quest for perfection. Fist discipline experts see Erislandi as a future world and Olympic champion. It is up to him to be able to fulfill all the dreams placed on his shoulders. What happened on Saturday, January 27, was a solid sign in the right direction.

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