Obesity and diabetes require individualized therapy

The aim has been to provide answers to the many questions that arise among trainees when addressing diabetes and obesity XVIII meeting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (semi, After asking many questions among the public, it has been concluded that metabolically healthy obesity It should not be considered a secure entity, it already exists Drugs who achieve one weight loss similar to metabolic surgery and personalized medicine should be implemented among all obese and diabetic patients,

To reaffirm this idea luis miguel alvarezinternist Merced Hospitalhas highlighted that “since 2014 BioShare Project Found a good way to define this condition, the obese person who has a body mass index of 30 but who does not have any of the requirements that make it metabolic syndrome,

The expert acknowledged that there are obese people who meet these criteria, but this should be looked at from another perspective. When a person meets these criteria, it is a process in which between Between 30 and 50 percent of people are obese “They will go into a metabolically altered state of obesity.”

Personalized medicine among obese people

Other questions asked throughout the session analyzed whether Weight and glycemic control They do not go hand in hand in diabetes control. As stated, this statement is incorrect Christina Tejeraendocrine Ferrol University Hospital Complex: “No one is unaware that we are facing diabetes epidemic which is connected to a obesity epidemic. “If good glycemic control is achieved, it is not at the level of control of 30 percent based on surrounding countries.” The expert reaffirmed that in Spain “it is not going well at all, because the percentage is close to 50 percent. “There are better devices, but there are no studies on how patients are feeling.”

Tejera: “You can’t talk about overweight, hyperglycemia and hypertension separately”

Another slogan launched by Tejera during the XVIII Diabetes and Obesity Meeting is overweightThe hyperglycemia And this high blood pressure “We can’t talk about them separately, because they are metabolic health conditions. “Obes people are so confident that changing their lifestyle will achieve something, but often they are not adapted to it.” Because of this, experts have concluded that obese people “are at a much higher risk.” micro and macro complications,

Finally, the expert wanted to explain to the audience that “Obesity and diabetes are epidemic and synergistic, Treating diabetes also makes obesity worse, although there are some obese people who do not develop diabetes.” Because each patient is different, the prescription the endocrinologist has offered is to “bet.” personalized medicineWhich cannot be abandoned.”

Legal medicines for weight loss

Alvarez defends another question about whether incretin drugs achieve the same weight loss as metabolic surgery: “Currently, metabolic surgery attempts to equal or surpass some surgical techniques to avoid complications and more multidisciplinary teams. being done.”

Alvarez: “Losing five percent of the weight of obese patients provides cardiometabolic benefits”

As the expert explained, losing as much as five percent of an obese patient’s weight “is achievable.” cardiometabolic benefits, If you achieve 15 percent, you can get diabetes prevention, Until recently, these objectives were achieved only by surgery, as internists argue: “The gastric band 16 percent weight loss, gastric sleeve 30 percentand the technology that has achieved the greatest volume and durability gastric bypassDue to which up to 35 percent reduction is achieved.”

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