Diego Vazquez showed his face after the defeat against Real Espana, he surrendered great goals and, where did Motagua fail in the classic?


He fc motagua fell first royal spain in which match “Machine” He dominated for most of the 90 minutes and led miguel falero They won 3-1 Olympics.

After the defeat against the Sampdaran team, diego vazquez He stood up and spoke to the media where he explained what the Capitals team needed to get at least one point.

coach of Motagua He also surrendered to the goals of Jhao Benavidez And derrickson is backNot to mention the poor second half in Mario Cofra Caballero against Real Espana.

Real Spain beats Motagua with authority and ends malaria in Honduran National League Classics

– Press conference –

What did Motagua lack to win the Olympic Games?

Our first half was good. In the second, with the goal by Zoe Benavidez, it was difficult for us, we only generated one set piece and one corner kick. From there the game was very good for us, Real Espana had the qualifications with two great goals in an important bill, which lifted our spirits to keep fighting and trying, I think we were up to the task. .

How did you manage to maintain control on Real Espana’s counter-attack while maintaining defensive order?

The first goal was from a set piece, the second from long range. Although we suffered in some phases, we also attacked from the left with Jorge Serrano in the first half and created some situations.

Tough game, “El Drupi” did not enter the concentrated game, what happened to Motagua?

In the second half we didn’t handle the ball in midfield like we did in the first half. Benavidez’s goal cost us the game, it was difficult for us to score in the opponent’s goal, we only had Ozmendi’s goal on set pieces.

This is a wake up call for Motagua to not trust himself

It was a complicated game, all games have the same story with two good goals and an early goal from a set piece, which later cost us dearly. We have to improve in all phases and lines of the game.

Getting started with defensive pairings is getting tougher, is it getting delayed?

We had a little more volume of play, we created more of a play part, putting Jorge Serrano one on one, but it was difficult for us to produce in the game.

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