6 secret iPhone tricks shared by a former Apple employee

A former Apple employee shares his best tricks for the iPhone, a list containing all kinds of tips

6 secret iPhone tricks shared by a former Apple employee
These iPhone tricks have been shared by a former Apple employee

It is becoming more and more difficult to find good tricks for iPhone, almost all of them have already been discovered. However, we can find many of these tricks from people who have worked directly at Apple. And a good example of this is Tyler, also known as hitmidocameraroll on TikTok. Former Apple employee who shared many tricks Interesting for iPhone.

it is likely that Many users don’t know some of the most classic tricks, especially if they’ve just moved to an iPhone. We’ve collected just a few of the things Tyler shared, but he has a lot more.

Select multiple items with two fingers

This is an ideal trick in many system applications like Mail, Notes or Messages. If you want to select multiple elements at the same time, there is a gesture that can help you: just By sliding down with two fingers you will select elements, You can then share them, delete them, or choose another option.

iPhone with iOS 17 on a table

These iPhone tricks are awesome

Haptic touch gives you more options

Haptic Touch has replaced 3D Touch and allows us to access many functions that you probably are not using. This is a clear example of The icons in our control center, if we press and hold each of them we will have advanced options. For example, in flashlight we can control the intensity of the flash.

A quick calculator with Spotlight

The iPhone Calculator app is very capable and has many hidden tricks, but there is another calculator on the iPhone that you can access much faster. Swipe down on the home screen and Spotlight will open, capable of performing basic operations Very early.

Quickly start recording a video

Usually when we open iPhone camera app it starts in photography mode. However, you can quickly record a video Just press and hold the capture buttonVideo recording will start soon.

Back side of iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone camera has many tricks

Use keyboard with one hand

The iPhone has two features designed for one-handed keyboard use. On the one hand, we can slide through keys Without separating the finger and on the other hand, we can move the keyboard to the side. Press and hold the emoji button at the bottom left Choose one side of the keyboard or the other,

Record your voice while recording iPhone screen

Recording iPhone screen is very interesting on many occasions You can do it with your voice in the background, You just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Control Center on your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the screen recording button (it’s a dot icon in a circle).
  • Tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to start recording your voice. You can touch it again to turn it off.

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in The tricks are awesome and will help you in your daily life with iPhone, Many of them are spied on to save our time and make our work faster and now you know them.

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