Cristiano Ronaldo will return for Messi’s match against Inter Miami

The main course of the Riyadh Seasons Cup is the clash between Al Nassr and Inter Miami, which can give us the expected result ‘The Last Dance’ between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, However, the participation of the Portuguese is not yet guaranteed, although everything indicates that CR7 himself does not want to miss this confrontation.

This Friday night, Al Nassr returned to Saudi Arabia after their friendly matches in China were cancelled. The reason for this is the injury suffered by Cristiano Ronaldo. And so the matches had to be postponed to a later occasion.

However, Cristiano and Al Nassr intend to make the scorer part of the duel against Inter Miami on February 1Since the big attraction will be the reunion between CR7 and Leo Messi.

Apparently Cristiano’s recovery is on the right track, because upon his return to Arabia, Al Nasser shared an image on social networks with the Portuguese star as the main character.Which suggests that his participation against Inter Miami has not been completely ruled out in the absence of official confirmation from the organization.

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According to Arab media, another factor that increases the chances of Cristiano’s appearance in ‘The Last Dance’ expected against Messi is Arabic game, CR7 is expected to return to training in the coming days, increasing the possibility of arriving next Thursday and watching the match against Inter Miami.

Cristiano’s return could revise Inter Miami’s plans

Since there are only two days of rest between the duels against Al Hilal (January 29) and Al Nassr (February 1), Tata Martino will probably consider dosing his team. And give only the necessary minutes to Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and a large part of the starting team.

So surely the plan of Inter Miami and Martino is to reserve and take care of their figures as best as possible for the duel against Al Nassr, With that in mind, Cristiano’s participation has not been ruled out and he aims to return for the long-awaited clash with the Arab team.

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