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Dolph Lundgren, who played King Nereus in Aquaman 2, expressed his disappointment after seeing the final result. The actors especially blame the film’s multiple re-shoots.

Aquaman 2, released in theaters on December 20, will not be able to earn a billion dollars like the first part. However, it limited the damage with about 400 million greenbacks collected internationally. In France, the film brought together 1.8 million curious people, a perfect figure if we compare it with the latest DC feature films.

The Flash barely reached 800,000 admissions, Blue Beetle claims there were 580,000 viewers and Shazam 2 reached the score of 498,000 tickets sold. Directed by James Wan, Aquaman 2 kicks off the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) adventure that began with Man of Steel 10 years ago before rebooting the franchise with James Gunn’s Superman Legacy.

dolph lundgren unhappy

asked by comic bookDolph Lundgren reflected on his experience, explaining that the film’s script underwent several changes that reduced the involvement of his character, King Nereus. “I just realized it was kind of a blanket decision: They wanted to limit Amber Heard’s role, but I was playing her father so my role was reduced as well.”The actor explained.

They wanted to limit Amber Heard’s role, but I played her father so my role was also reduced.

Additionally, production of Aquaman 2 was chaotic with multiple re-shoots, as well as a lawsuit dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After being postponed several times, the film was released after James Gunn’s announcement about the DCEU reboot pulled the rug out from under them.

“I was really disappointed for the movie fans,” Dolph Lundgren continues. “I thought the original script was great; the original cut, part of which I got to see, was really good! So I didn’t see any reason to reshoot scenes and reshape the story. Obviously this would put people off Was disappointed. fans and not just me”The 66-year-old actor expressed his condolences.


The director presents his point of view

If Dolph Lundgren confirms that the role of Mera (Amber Heard) has indeed been reduced, director James Wan confirmed the opposite on the microphone last September.Entertainment Weekly, “I always said the first Aquaman was about Arthur and Mera’s journey and the second would be about Arthur and Orm. The first was a mix of romance, action and adventure. The second was a mix of bromance, action and adventure.”

The director also returned to controversy in a column for Empire magazine. “It’s normal that Amber Heard would say that (that her role was reduced) because when I was working on the film I wasn’t thinking about the character at all. Actors don’t necessarily know That’s what the directors are preparing behind the scenes.”

My plan was clear from the beginning.

“But my plan was clear from the beginning, it was always like this in my mind. From the very beginning, I proposed that Aquaman 1 would be inspired bychasing green diamonds, an action-adventure romantic comedy; As for the second one, I saw it as a buddy film genre. tango and cash,he explained.

For her part, Amber Heard wanted to thank fans following the release of Aquaman 2: “After so much time, Aquaman 2 rocks (sorry, that’s too simple). Thank you to all my fans for their continued support and Mera’s return in Aquaman. Thank you so much.”she said on Instagram.

While we wait for Superman Legacy in theaters on July 9, 2025, DC will return to theaters with Joker: Folie à Deux on October 2.

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