First aid comes to Guanabacoa’s talented pianist Fernando

Fernando, a mentally disabled man and resident of the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa, who shocked thousands of Cubans this week amazing piano talentThis Thursday, when after first aid it was revealed that she was living in poor conditions, tears welled up in her eyes.

Former boxer Lino Tomasén, known by the nickname “Cuban Iron Man”, approached Fernando’s residence and in the presence of neighbors He gave him money, clothes, shoes, and even some tobacco to smoke, a hobby unique to Cuba.

When Tomansen got out of the vehicle and told him he was bringing help for him, Fernando remained silent and could not hold back tears of emotion.

“Can I tell you something? I’m not a human, I’m a Martian…”This was the first thing Fernando said, through tears and amidst the expressions of his neighbors’ joy at the gifts.

The man then complained about people who refused him even a glass of water or a game of piano… Seizing a moment, Iron Man made public his request for a piano, a The piano which would obviously belong to Fernando. .This Friday.

“I want to play in a place that caters to requests”He said, clearly excited by the gifts and the promise that the most wanted gift will arrive soon.

Meanwhile, on the network New piano performances by this Cuban are constantly appearing – although the inhabitants of Guanabacoa know it – In just a few days, he has earned the love and admiration of thousands of people across the country.

“When I play the piano, I don’t think. On days I think about the piano, I don’t play it. I do it because I love it.”Fernando said in recent statements collected by nuns who knew him.

“I am a human being who wants people to overcome their soul problems. He said, “When someone sees me play the piano, they want to live 10 more years.”

help for fernando

There are many open lines of help for Fernando. Internet user Lisandra Martin also Started a petition to help him.

“The idea is to give him an opportunity that maybe he never had before, to get him on the path, to change his life positively. And of course, to delight us with his music.”Martin wrote on social networks, asking for support in tuning the piano in a publication.

He said, “We need someone who knows how to play the piano to help advance the career of this pianist with special needs in Havana. If anyone can help us, contact us at 55057111 or in the comment box Write.”

In another publication, Lisandra Martin asked for material assistance to meet some specific needs of the unique pianist. Specifically, they asked for shoes, bedding, toiletries, canned and packaged foods, and kitchen supplies. Anyone who wants to help can contact 55057111.

“We are still looking for an expert to help Fernando tune the piano The possibility of creating a club for the enjoyment of people that generates income with which they can live a more dignified life“Lissandra Martin repeated.

In recent days, Fernando’s musical performance on the piano – spread on social networks by Sister Ariagna Brito Rodríguez – brought thousands of reactions and comments praising the talent, freshness and spontaneity of a scene that also left many lessons.

“When everything seems lost…except music and your love for it”the nun wrote next to the images.

Resident in Guanabacoa And – as they say – the son of a piano teacher, Fernando went a lot to play at the “Guillermo Tomás” Conservatory in the municipality where he lives, which has been the cradle of great musicians. People who have known him for years say that he himself studied in that school when he was young and his instrument was the guitar.

However, his mental condition deteriorated and led him to live in extreme poverty.

“Fernando deserves a sponsor… With his talent he lives on the streets with his little dog. He lost his entire family and is left alone. He lives in a precarious situation in a room. Today they do not allow him to enter the Guanabacoa House of Culture because his mental health is deteriorating.“, wrote Internet user Lisette Pérez Moreira on Facebook, who thanked the nuns of the Santo Domingo Church for the support they gave Fernando.

Facebook Capture/PM Lisette

“I believe that if this video gets into the right hands, that man’s life could be changed forever”one Internet user said in recent days, and fortunately his foreboding is on its way to becoming reality.

Facebook Capture/Sister Ariagna Brito Rodriguez

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