“70 percent of a Cuban family’s expenses go to buying food.”

In the context of shortages and inflation resulting from the regime’s failed economic policies, Governor Miguel Díaz-Canel confirmed that currently more than 70 percent of Cuban family spending goes to purchasing food.

At a meeting on the subject, he called for increased production of quality food “that reaches people’s tables” and “proposed to increase the offer,” citing Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Diaz-Canel “allows to take advantage of exports as a source of earning foreign exchange invest in national products“As well as employing renewable energy, recycling approaches and the circular economy in a sector that increasingly requires zero waste.”

Recently the President called for stepped-up agri-food production and, with apparent naivety, said that “Cubans spend a large part of their salaries on food.”

Since the implementation of the so-called ordering task on January 1, 2021 Cuban families condemn limited access to basic foods And low pay.

Last year Diaz-Canel promised that food prices would fall as agricultural production increased: “When we have more production we will be able cut prices And wages may have more purchasing power,” he said.

Months earlier he had recognized the ineffective production system on the island, where “there is no food, no livestock, no fish”: The problem is that we have three laws: we have the food sovereignty law, and no There is no food; We are going to approve the Livestock Promotion Law, and there is no more livestock; And we have fishing laws, and there are no fish, he admitted.

Currently, the wages Cubans receive are not adequate in any respect accelerated inflation in country. A carton of 30 eggs can cost 3,000 pesos, more than the monthly minimum wage.

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