This dress was worn by Marie Claire

Return to May 2023. On this date, Angelina Jolie announced the launch of her eco-responsible fashion brand to the whole world.Jolie Workshop,

Designed to honor the work of tailors, which the actress appropriately downplays, the brand aims to not only repair your clothes, but also create new clothes from recycled materials.

Last January, Atelier Jolie marketed the fruits of its first collaboration in its history, which it signed with Maison Chloé, giving fashion lovers a taste of its creative universe. Also a way to benefit from the influence of the Parisian brand to gain visibility.

Continuing its momentum, Angelina Jolie’s label had the honor of dressing a personality during the Oscars evening on Sunday March 10, 2024.

Atelier Jolie’s first creation on the 2024 Oscars red carpet

The Oscars, Hollywood cinema’s highest award, took place on March 10, 2024, and like every year, audiences around the world followed it to discover its many winners.

There were several highlights during the evening. We think, among other things, about the performance of Ryan Gosling who sang “I’m just Ken”Ya’s moving speech inside the Dolby Theater Da’Vine Joy Randolph Who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Winter vacation,

A little before the evening, celebrities ranging from screenwriters to singers and, of course, actors graced the red carpet. Some Hollywood stars came to confirm its fashion credentials, like Anya Taylor-Joy, who wore a look designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and originally inspired by Venus Dress by Christian Dior,

Suleka Joudauthor of Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of an Interrupted Lifetrampled red carpet On the arm of her husband the artist john batiste, Both appear in the documentary American Symphony Dedicated to their relationship and remembering the author’s long battle against cancer.

She was appreciated for her clothing choice even on the red carpet.

adorned with a long pleated dress Sporting batwing sleeves and a fitted waist, she caused a sensation in front of the photographers, with the photographers inviting her to pose from the front and back to fully show off the beauty of her dress. A dress designed by the hand of an extraordinary fashion designer.

“This dress was designed by the one and only, Angelina Jolie” Suleika Jaoud told a journalist from Canadian media etalk,

This is the first time that someone has played harmful Made a piece of clothing through your label Jolie Workshop For such a great opportunity. She was keen to think about the look of Suleika Jaoud, a woman who particularly inspires her.

“I deeply admire Suleika and the way she lives her life, the way she faces difficulties with strength and grace,” explains the founder of Atelier Jolie. us vogue In an exclusive interview.

Suleika Jaoud’s life journey, her strength in the fight against cancer and the title of the Netflix documentary in which she tells her story inspired Angelina Jolie. actress of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider So artist Chaz Guest was called upon to bring a poetic note to Suleika Joud’s evening dresses.

Result ? The painter created a symphony behind the column’s author’s gaze “Life, Interrupted”,

Suleika Jaoud has been praised for the elegance of her outfits, but Atelier founder Jolie believes that “it should never be about the dress, but more about the fact that what is worn He is an extension of the individual”.

And that’s why Suleika Jaoud’s dress, the design on the back of which features a character in her husband’s likeness, is a dress as beautiful as it is symbolic.

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