Mark Zuckerberg shows off amazing features of Meta and Ray-Ban augmented reality glasses

This device can identify historical places and give information.

Through his Instagram account, Mark Zuckerberg gave a sample of how the augmented reality glasses that Meta has developed together with Ray-Ban work and which use multimodal languages, so users can see what they are seeing. Are able to process voice commands based on that.

On a trip to Montana, United States, The company’s CEO was interacting with different environments to show the different scope of this device Which can provide information about historical monuments, data on the context in which they are located and search for information on the Internet.

All this is taking advantage of the artificial intelligence functions that both companies are adding to the development of the glasses, which are already on the market, although only in certain areas.

One of the first features of the device is the ability to identify and describe historical places., This new multi-modal AI feature allows users to get detailed information about landmarks by simply looking at them and asking a question about them.

The augmented reality glasses of Meta and Ray-Ban have artificial intelligence functions to recognize locations without having to refer to them. (Instagram/@zak)

Zuckerberg gave the example of a bow he found during a trip to Montana, the name of which he did not want to reveal, but he simply asked the glasses the history of what was in front of them.

“Hey Meta, look and tell me the history of this monument,” the Facebook creator asked. “The Roosevelt Arch was constructed in 1903 at Fort Yellowstone under the supervision of the US Army. Its cornerstone was laid by President Theodore Roosevelt and includes a quote from the Organic Act of 1872 that created Yellowstone National Park,” Specs responded.

It is an important function to improve tourism in the world, but it is also an educational toolBecause you do not need to know the name of the place and the interaction can grow with more questions that come to the user’s mind, because it works not only with constructions or artistic creations, but also with natural sites, such as mountains or landscapes. Also works.

It is possible to activate and request the smart functions of the glasses through the ‘there, aim’ command. (Target)

Another novelty that Zuckerberg showed was the possibility that the glasses could interact with a certain style requested by the user. For example, the manager asked the equipment to explain to him how ice is formed as if he were a caveman, the response was the following:

“Uga-Ada, ice is made of water and sky. Water falls as rain or snow, then the cold turns it white and fluffy. The wind blows, the sun shines and there are piles of snow on the ground. “Uga-ada, now we have snow,” said the glasses.

Ultimately he also put forward his request as per the context. First he showed him a closet full of coats for the cold and asked him if there were too many coats, then he went to a horse and asked for information about how the cold could affect these animals.

Although all these functions are still in testing period, So not all users may have these and must request through the Early Access program to be part of the beta.

The device can calculate data on the Internet based on what the user sees.

This time, Meta’s augmented reality glasses are sold only in the United States and Europe for $299 And they have other features like the ability to broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram and the ability to read and translate road signs to ask questions about the place.

Additionally, they can be customized with over 150 frame and adaptable lens options. And despite being much more than traditional glasses, its design is still slim and the battery can last up to 36 hours of continuous use.

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