76% of companies are unaware of Happiness Manager statistics

According to the latest report of 76.42% companies still do not have the data of Happiness Manager. Vivofacil Foundation (formerly Alares) “An Analysis of Mental Health Promotion in the Workplace: Empowering Emotional Well-Being.”

Based on an analysis of more than 530 leading companies looking to balance personal, family and work life, the Vivofacil Foundation has studied how There is still a lack of specific strategies to promote happiness in the workplace. Although many public figures share experiences to normalize the conversation about mental health, seven out of ten companies still do not recognize the need for a professional dedicated to managing happiness in the work environment.

mental health training It has become an important tool to prevent and detect risks, but the lack of a Happiness Manager figure, a very common situation in American companies, limits actions to normalize this issue in the workplace.

The report also highlights The importance of personalized comprehensive care, wellness and health programs, teleworking plans and other initiatives that have a positive impact on the emotional well-being of employees. Despite the growing acceptance of hybrid work arrangements and physical and mental wellness programs, the lack of a happiness manager remains a significant gap in company culture.

The Vivofacil Foundation considers the implementation of this data important, as it has an important role in reducing work stress, improving psychological safety and enhancing work performance. The presence of a Happiness Manager can make a difference to the quality of work life and contribute to a positive environment in which employees feel valued and motivated.

What does a happiness manager do?

Work Environment Management: Evaluates and promotes a healthy and motivating work environment.

need to find out: Identify the emotional needs of employees and propose solutions.

Development of Welfare Programmes: Design and implement programs that promote mental health and general well-being.

Communication Facilitator: Acts as a mediator to improve internal communications and resolve conflicts.

What department do you work in and what do you study to become a Happiness Manager?

Happiness Manager typically works in the Human Resources department, Although there is no specific career path for this role, skills in organizational psychology, human resources, coaching and people management are valued.

In which countries has this data been successfully implemented?

Countries like the United States, United Kingdom and some Nordic countries have successfully adopted this figure. chief happiness officer (CHO), a type of happiness manager. Leading companies, particularly in the technology sector, have recognized the importance of this role in retaining talent and improving productivity.

How can the Happiness Manager figure be implemented in a company?

identification of need: Evaluate company culture and recognize the importance of emotional well-being.

Role definition: Establish specific responsibilities and tasks of the Happiness Manager.

Training and Appointment: Look for professionals with interpersonal skills and training in related fields.

program development: Implement wellness and mental health programs in collaboration with the Happiness Manager.

Result measurement: Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented.

Vivofacil Foundation has set an innovative line in its commitment to improve emotional well-being and quality of working life Social Counseling and Training, This initiative, in collaboration with Vivofacil Special Employment Centre, addresses various key issues for the corporate sector.

From advice on disability law, to the creation of templates, through to the implementation of equality plans, facilitation and diversity training, this line of social consultancy stands as a comprehensive resource for companies of different sizes. Vivofacil Foundation seeks to provide the organization Effective tools and strategies to address contemporary challenges in mental health and corporate wellnessEnsuring a healthier and more sustainable work environment in the context of increasing digitalization.

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