Attending UCV to watch LVBP Grand Final will cost a lot

this Tuesday, Play ball! The sound of will be heard. Grand Final between Cardenales de Lara and Tiburones de la GuerraAt the UCV University Stadium in Caracas.


The excitement of La Guerra fans to return decisively to Los Chaguaros Park is on the surface; However, A topic of conversation at this time of the season is the price of tickets.,

From last week, La Guerra on the Sharks portal Tickets for the first two matches to be held in Caracas started selling And each ticket costs between US$6 and US$45, the latter referring to the VIP area of ​​Capitol Park.

Compared to the regular season, the amount of tickets varies depending on the dollar price at the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV); However, Tiburones de la Guerra games are well attended by fans.

45 US dollars without rights to anything

There are those who say “a good taste, a good scare”, and for those who decide to enjoy live and direct ball games from the VIP of Universitario, They should also take into account the rest of the expenses required to have a wonderful day This sports venue is filled with the emotion it generates.

Currently, the price of beer at the Universitario Stadium is around US$2; While a chair service can cost between US$20 and US$40Depending on the beverage being tasted.

Food is another issue, as popular arepas cost US$3 and up, while souvenirs – if you pick up a souvenir from the Littoral team – vary depending on the item. Caps cost between US$20 and US$30, and official shirts cost US$50,

This way, a couple who participates in one of the two games of the Grand Final in VIP can also Spending exceeded US$150 in just one night of pelota and samba,

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