He traveled to Cuba and paid a cell phone bill of almost $3,000 – Telemundo Miami (51)

When a family emergency caused Isidro Abello to travel to Cuba late last year, he contacted his cellular provider T-Mobile and asked them to implement roaming service on the island, which the company has been offering since 2016.

“I was going for three days and they told me they had to pay a fee for 10 days,” said Isidro, who agreed with the charge but says that when he arrived in Cuba, the service was not working and He had to contact a relative’s cell. phone. ,

Isidro says he was unpleasantly surprised upon returning to the United States when T-Mobile sent him a bill for more than $2,800. The bill shows that he was being charged approximately $2,700 for international roaming charges and $39 for the international pass he purchased. He says he immediately called to dispute the allegations.

He responded, “The next day they called me and said look, we’ll give you a $500 credit so you don’t have to pay the whole thing. No, I don’t want any credit.”

Isidro says he even called his bank to suspend payments but T-Mobile continued to charge him $2,800, so he decided to contact Telemundo 51 Responde.

When we contacted the company, they told us that they had shared the matter with their customer service team and a few days later, Isidro received the good news.

“They sent me an account for the usual two months that I was supposed to pay, and they took a cut of all the others they wanted to collect,” he says.

T-Mobile didn’t tell us what happened in Isidro’s case. He paid off his regular bill and decided to change cell phone providers. “Thank you for helping us resolve this situation and there is something to choose from. This one turns out to be bad, they look for another one,” says Isidro.

If you are in a situation like Isidro, you are not able to resolve a case on your own, but you have all your receipts, call us at 305-888-6842 or write to us through the page www.telemondo51 . .com/responde/quejas

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