8 types of well-being every woman should know (and practice)

“Guided to connect to the abundant source of infinite love of existence. spiritual psychology It will always remind you that there will be things in this world and in this life that are beyond your control. daily practice of surrender or fundamental acceptance Things or situations we can’t control will be a leap of faith,” he concluded. anna clavell,

10 in spirituality.

10 in spirituality.

John Hicks

environmental welfare

environmental welfare Probably one of the most important at the collective level, as it involves decision making Take care of the planet we live on, “I like your definition.” boston university In relation to this theme: ‘Value the places we live and work and our relationship with the planet.’ I think that Undoubtedly most of the efforts must come from institutions and large companies They are the people who bear the most responsibility in the climate emergency and they are the people who can do the most for the collective good of people. But, of course, there are things we can do in our daily lives to take care of it,” she explains. Paula Gonzalez CarracedoDirector of Vegetarian Agency.

environmental welfare This is important because We do not live in isolation and everything affects us, In that sense, “one of the most urgent challenges has to be addressed Better city, friendlier to peopleand start dismantling meat industry, because it is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. We know, for Dr. Joseph Poore’s 2018 studiesThat going vegan is the most effective on an environmental level, because the meat industry consumes up to 83% of resources provide only 18% of total calories, We also know that pollution harms us a lot, living in cities where there are not enough forests, constant noise, light pollution, houses containing materials that are harmful to our health…


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