This is how a group of Cuban migrants survive while waiting for CBP One in Mexico

A group of Cubans showed, through a video circulated on social networks, the conditions under which they live while waiting for their appointment. cbp one,

Although they did not reveal which city they are located in, the Cubans showed the small room in which they live, which contains their beds, personal belongings and even cooking.

“We cook here, we live here, with food, we cook. “We are cooking meat,” said one migrant, who also showed the distribution of the small space.

In the comments section of the publication shared by journalist Mario Vallejo on his Facebook profile, people also expressed their views on this video.

“They’re there for a purpose, but the truth is they’re a thousand times better off here and there’s no way to talk when they get there, bless,” said one man, apparently a Cuban. Yes, said.

Another person agreed with the previous criteria and also said that “I hope that they will come and start fighting for their future with optimism, and not like many people who come and all they do is complain. And reject this country,” referring to the United States.

People also expressed satisfaction that despite living in a small place, these three Cubans have such conditions which are not currently available in Cuba.

recently, A Cuban man waiting for his CBP One appointment was clearly excited after finding work at a carpentry and cabinet shop in Mexico.,

Iván Chito Mora Cabrera, who also describes himself on his social networks as an activist for human rights in Cuba, explained in a Facebook post that he remembers that moment as one of the best days of his life. Can describe, being able to find a job. It suited him. This is a choice in a country where many immigrants to the island are facing difficulties finding employment.

Whereas last Friday the Mexican authorities detained six Cuban migrants Who were left on a bus in Moloacán, a municipality in the state of Veracruz.

The Cubans were part of a group of 313 people (173 men, 77 women and 63 minors) from, in addition to Cuba, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, China, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

The United States has confirmed the arrival of more than 400,000 Cubans at its southern border through January 2022.

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