A 63-year-old airline passenger died midway from a flight from Thailand to Germany: “Several liters of blood came out of his mouth and nose”. news from mexico

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Witnesses said the man appeared very ill when he boarded the plane and that “liters of blood” began to flow from his mouth and nose during the flight and he died shortly afterward.

A passenger on a flight from Thailand to Germany died in mid-flight

Germany.- A passenger is on board the plane Lufthansa, From Thailand to Germany, He died on Thursday, as his fellow passengers looked on in horror he was bleeding from his mouth and nose,

german man 63 yearsThe man, whose identity has not been revealed, was seen climbing into airbus a380 just before midnight in bangkok clearly illwith “cold sweat” And “breathing too fast”as reported Karin Misfelder to central swiss German Blick,

At first, his wife claimed that they had to hurry to catch the flight, that’s why he was not feeling well, However, after observing the person for a few moments, Misfelder, a nursing specialist University Hospital Zurichinformed a flight attendant I needed to be checked by a doctor,

A young Pole answered the call, but reportedly only They asked the man how he was feeling, took his pulse and said he was fine.According to NY Post,

They gave him some chamomile tea, but he had already spit blood into the bag his wife was holding for him,” said Misfelder’s husband, Martin.

Blood started flowing from his mouth and nose.

Within no time, blood started flowing from his mouth and nose.

“It was absolutely terrifying, everyone was screaming,” Martin said.

He alleged that the man several liters of blood was lostpart of which splashes on the walls of the plane,

flight attendant for about half an hour they tried to do cprEven when the nurse said she knew it was useless.

When he finally stood still and The captain announced the man’s death, “There was complete silence on board.”He said.

Crews then carried the man’s body to the plane’s gallery, when the plane turned around and returned to Thailand.

a bloody death at the peak

“Although the crew and a doctor on board performed immediate and comprehensive first aid measures, the passenger died during the flight,” a Lufthansa spokesperson confirmed in a statement. “Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased passenger. “We also regret the inconvenience caused to passengers on this flight,” the spokesperson said.

Flight data shows it left Bangkok at 11:50 pm on Thursday and returned to Thailand at 8:28 am on Friday.

Passengers had to wait without guidance from the airline

At the same time, the passengers said that They had to wait for two hours without any guidance from Lufthansa Before he was eventually booked on a second flight to Germany with a stopover in Hong Kong.

However, for Misfelder, the worst thing was that The man’s wife now had to go through the customs alone,

She said she regretted not trying to help.

“I should have intervened, but I saw a doctor was treating him, so I didn’t want to get involved,” he said, “That guy looked so bad, I can’t understand why Captain gone. “

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