A cape costs more than 25,000 euros, it’s Monica Bellucci’s new favorite piece

In early February, Monica Bellucci posed in the column of the Czech edition of Vogue magazine. A fan of the results, the actress shared a picture from the shoot on her Instagram account. She wears a very expensive jacket.

Actress and former model Monica Bellucci The cover of Presented Myself The latest issue of the Czech edition of the magazine the trend, Immortalized by Italian Paolo Roversi, she was photographed in spectacular looks created by the biggest fashion houses.

For one of them, the actress wore a Valentino tuxedo jacket. Over this, she wore a linen cape, also made by the Italian house. not sold for less than 28,000 eurosThis sand-coloured piece is adorned with embroidered patterns as well as graphic cutouts. An extraordinary jacket, which was presented during the brand’s Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show.

who made his mark on the screen Year 1990 always knewI Stand out According to Look, In each of her appearances on the red carpet, Monica Bellucci, her real name, Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, creates the event. While he debuted Sample and specially presented Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier Or diorMonica Bellucci has always caused a sensation with her style, combination sexuality And Simplicity, His technique? she selects the pieces timeless And pay attention to accessories Complex to add a touch glamour,

From her debut on the catwalk and in the cinema, Monica Bellucci has imposed her own style. She then focused on the sexy look as she walked the red carpet wearing a dress on the arm of her ex-husband Vincent Cassel. tightfrom a dress low cut Pigeon Or a very fitted dress. Outfits that organically highlight price There silhouette Of Italian Star. Over the years, his style has not evolved much, only a few Description to close.

Monica Bellucci at the Deauville festival on 3 September 2000 © Casajas Bruno/ABACA

Three decades later, Monica Bellucci always chooses appearances glamour And don’t hesitate to wear tight dresses with strapless, asymmetrical or close-fitting cuts. She especially likes the outfits of pin up which suits him to delight. Over time, she has also adopted sophisticated garments, such as a pantsuit fitted at the waist, a tight black long-sleeved dress or even a black suit with a lace camisole for a sexy touch. The star has no hesitation in this mixer Material and associate tape To leatherfor a look seductive, Monica Bellucci adds a new twist refined And Complex for her outfit accessorizing, The ambassador of the Cartier brand, she is often seen in stylish and high-end clothing. jewelry,

What’s her red carpet look like?

On the red carpet, Monica Bellucci does not hesitate to go all out. Such as in Los Angeles in 2002, where she appeared in a very tight polka dot dress that accentuated her figure. A few years earlier, on October 20, 2000, the star had caused a sensation at the film premiere in a tight black dress with thin straps. Malena In Rome, Italy. Most recently on 25 February 2023 during 48th Monica Bellucci chose a stunning long flowing magenta red dress at the Cesar Festival in Paris. A piece with a deep neckline and transparent details that fits them perfectly. Generally, for her red carpet looks, the actress has her own preferences: a Dress tightA Dress tall Liquid substance or even a Tailor chic, And she is never wrong.

Monica Bellucci in Rome on November 12, 2022 © IPA/ABACA

What are her favorite brands?

on his instagram account @monicabellucciofficiel, the star does not hesitate to share unpublished photos from his photo shoots or from his appearances on the red carpet on the front pages of magazines. Thus, she reveals her looks which mainly come from three major brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Cartier.

Nothing could be easier than copying their style. just adopt parts timeless and color neutral, such as a nice fitted white cotton shirt with a black blazer and black pleated pants. Second option: Choose a tight dress that highlights the silhouette and accentuates the shape, teamed with a pair of pumps. aesthetically eternal Red Lips Red And this Glimpse dark This is the best combo to copy Monica Bellucci’s look. icon Of glamour Anything else sexualityThis femme fatale has everything it takes inspire, And it seems that succession is assured. His daughter, Deva Castle, aged 18, is already the center of attraction for him dolce and gabbana, has recently established itself with romantic and sensual style on the catwalk and red carpet. The spitting image of her mother.

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