“I admire you because we are hardworking, struggling, and resilient people” – Paragraph 66

Four months after being crowned “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman”, Shannis Palacios Cornejo, After long and spectacular journeys to different continents, Miss Universe 2023 finally returned to Central American soil. At noon on Monday, February 27, the model landed at the airport in San José, Costa Rica, where dozens of Nicaraguans living in that country were waiting for her.

Although the beauty couldn’t connect with her Pinoleros fans, she said she felt “honored and happy” by their “warm” welcome. “Costa Rica makes me feel like home. “I am extremely grateful for the welcome and love they have given me,” he said.

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On Tuesday, February 27, the Costa Rican channel Gente ¡OPA!, whose owner had purchased the Miss Costa Rica franchise, held a press conference with Palacios, public figures and other media outlets. During the event, the model said, “I am the queen of all of you, because this is what you have decided and God also wanted this.” “I am so happy to represent every Latino, every Central American, every woman and every girl living in every corner of the world.”

“For me, it is a privilege to say that I am your Miss Universe. I am happy, satisfied and 100% committed to bring an outstanding change in our society, because the new era of Miss Universe is a cultural exchange and women empowerment, where one voice can create the stories of many women across the world. Is. Listened, like they listen to me today,” Palacios highlighted.

Likewise, the Nicaraguan model thanked not only her hometown, but also the rest of the countries in the region. «Central America got the first crown in the competition. This conquest, in addition to being from my beautiful land of lakes and volcanoes, is yours from Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Meeting everyone will be to celebrate the victory that marks a before and after for Miss Universe,” said the international beauty queen.

Shennis Palacios during a press conference in Costa Rica. Photos: La Prensa.

Shennis “praises” the people of Nicaragua

In her speech, the model, originally from Diriamba, Carazo, dedicated some inspiring words to Nicaraguans. “I want to tell you that I admire you, because we are hard-working, hard-working and resilient people.” express.

“Thank you all for believing in me and supporting me.” Today I am here as the spokesperson for my country, we have put our Central America and Nicaragua on the world map, and it is thanks to you,” Palacios said.

The Nicaraguan invited all people to “continue fighting for your dreams and see yourself at the top.” Palacios said that “There is nothing more beautiful than when you look back and realize that what you have come for has been worth it because you have grown up, you are a new person and you bear more fruit.” Will continue to receive. This message is not just for Nicaragua, this message is for the entire world. Love your country as much as I love mine.

Palacios also took advantage of the opportunity to say that “to any Nicaraguan woman, any Costa Rican woman and any Latin American woman who wants to participate in Miss Universe, that when you make a commitment to represent your country with love And if there is responsibility, there is no ‘power house’.”

Shannis is on a trip to Nicaragua

More than three months after that magical night in San Salvador in which Nicaragua’s representative Shennis Palacios won the Miss Universe 2023 crown, the beauty queen expressed her desire to return to her homeland and celebrate this historic achievement with her compatriots. Despite the difficulties with her agenda and political issues in Nicaragua, the “most beautiful woman in the universe” does not forget her desire to return to her country.

In an interview with the magazine people in spanishPalacios reiterated that he plans to return to Nicaragua to be with the people and share this accomplishment. However, she said that in order to become an ambassador for the beauty organization she would first have to “get organized” with the rest of her commitments. Despite this, he is waiting for “the right place to share it with the people of Nicaragua.”

Under her new status as Miss Universe, Palacios will travel to different countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and some Latin American countries to share her message of empowerment to the world. In turn, the communicator will include the topic of mental health on his agenda, because it is essential «Advocate for this regardless of age, social status or context, as anyone can suffer with their mental health,

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Palacios said that “Wherever I go in the United States, I always meet a Nicaraguan and he reminds me of the ‘Candadito’ of my land.” She remembered how “there’s always a hug” and how she always responded with gratitude to people for supporting her, believing in her, and helping her make history. He commented, “This achievement would not have been real if people had not supported me from the beginning with the comments that put me in the eyes of so many experts.”

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