Wendy’s has announced it will have “dynamic” pricing in Uber style: burgers will cost more during busy times.

Famous multinational fast food chain Wendy’s announced A new menu with “dynamic” prices in the style of Uber or LyftWhich would mean that the price of hamburger would be higher during peak hours.

To do this, the company will invest about $20 million in high-tech digital menu boards that update prices in real time, influenced by various factors such as time and demand, in the style of the Uber or Lyft companies.

Use Launch will begin in 2025 And they expect it to be available to all company-operated restaurants in the US by the end of the year.

According to a report by ABC NewsThe new changes will mean that, for example, Sandwiches like the ‘Baconator’ can cost as much as $1 during the lunch rush.,

“Pricing algorithms allow companies to change prices throughout the day or even over the course of an hour,” he explained. ABC News Zach Brown, economics professor at the University of Michigan.

“During busy times, they can obviously increase profits. And at the same time, some consumers will want to go during less busy times, when demand will be lower and prices will be lower,” Brown said.

However, some users on the social network are not very sensitive to the change and claim that the new strategy is nothing more than an “outrageous price increase under another name.”

A survey conducted by Captera on dynamic pricing for restaurants revealed that only 34% of users believe that “dynamic pricing” in restaurants is a positive thing for customers.

For its part, information technology research and consulting company Gartner Inc. predicts that next year major international retailers will begin to implement this strategy of updating prices in real time through mobile applications.

Jonathan Maze, editor-in-chief of the Restaurant Business publication, told CNN that this marketing strategy could be a “game-changer” for restaurant chains, especially if Wendy’s experiment works, but he warned that it is a risky initiative.

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