Which diseases can be cured by Muical?

Muical is a blood regenerator (Twitter/@mexdesconocido)
Muical is a blood regenerator (Twitter/@mexdesconocido)

Although technology advanced significantly, especially during the second half of the century XX And this was directly reflected in medicine, many people still prefer to rely on traditional medicine, especially the one that comes from countries rich in culture and ancestral knowledge like Mexico,

Long before the arrival of the Spanish and the fall of the great tenochtitlan In 1521Ancient Mexicans learned knowledge directly from nature. The medicine of ancient civilizations was in many ways based on natural and especially Herb,

And this tradition was so present in society that currently it remains a reality for many people, not only for those who live in the provinces and are therefore more in touch with their roots, but also for people in big cities. Even for those who are desperately searching for it. Natural alternative.

there are many mexican plants Which are perfect for curing some of the diseases that we face every day, and many of them can be found on markets and sites specializing in traditional medicine.

Here we tell you everything about it MuicleA plant with extraordinary benefits that will be good for your health. It is worth noting that it is always advisable to visit a medical expert for guidance regarding diseases and its use. alternative medicine.

Muical, a plant with great medicinal power Photo: Getty Images
Muical, a plant with great medicinal power Photo: Getty Images

muical, scientifically known as Justice SpisigeraThe plant is native to the Americas, especially Mexico, where it is valued both for its medicinal properties and its use in natural dyes.

The official website of the Government of Mexico lists some of the properties of the mutil plant (also known as mutil or virgin grass) due to which it has become one of the favorites of natural remedy enthusiasts. First of all, it is a bush that has strong properties. Revive blood.

It is explained that, if said bush goes through the infusion process and fruit is added, it can be an excellent ally to finish anemia, Similarly, the herb of the Virgin is good for war diabetesOne of the main diseases afflicting the Mexican population.

On the other hand, it is said that Muttel is perfect for war Diarrhea (of various origins), besides having the properties d.Detoxification, digestion, antibiotic and antipyretic.

Moreover, Virgin herb is helpful not only for physical but also for emotional troubles. For example, according to studies, it will help you cope Depression And this WorryTwo emotional illnesses that define the new century.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Likewise, this plant is perfect for menopause, especially for some of the symptoms that arise from this natural process that all women experience, such as Sadness, irritability and bad mood.

Similarly, the mutel plant is used as a mouthwash due to its powerful benefits in disinfecting wounds. It also helps in strengthening immune systemWhich is the key for our body to fight diseases.

Finally, the herb of the Virgin has the properties Liquid substanceThat is, when bacteria or viruses are present in the body, they help in the secretion of mucus, which helps the respiratory tract.

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