A conference in Pamplona addresses the promotion of emotional well-being at the local level

The Institute of Public and Occupational Health of Navarra (ISPLN) and the Navarra Federation of Municipalities and Councils (FNMC) have organized the celebration with the aim of promoting initiatives that promote. emotional well-being In the community, the conference focuses on ‘the local level in promoting emotional well-being’, from the perspective that “the local is the engine for the technical and political engagement needed to promote population health.”

in which all day long 122 people have participated In the political and technical sphere of local and social institutions, “some key aspects of working on emotional well-being in a community and interregional way” are analyzed, highlighting the idea that emotional well-being is “a very important part of “Must be present in the community and in all public policies and local agendas”.

The meeting began with the intervention of the FNMC President. xabier alcuaz, who has stated that “We are an administration and we exist to solve the needs of people whose problems and needs we know.” “Local organizations can play a positive role in the emotional well-being of our neighbors,” he said.

“A clear commitment to improving the health of the population”

Subsequently, the Managing Director of ISPLN, Maria Angeles NuinIt has emphasized that “the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age are important for their health, and promote community projects that support local, Closest to citizens, improve these social determinants, there is a clear commitment to improving the health of the population”.

That day’s presentation included Itzel Puchol and Mikel JaureguiTechnologies of Health Promotion and Health in All Policies section of the Institute of Public and Occupational Health, which has placed emotional health in context and presented the Emotional Well-Being Program drawn up in the Navarra Public Health Plan 2023-2025.

Subsequently, a number of social and local institutions participated in the two working groups and presented the projects they developed as examples of good practices and inter-sectorial work.

In particular, representatives of the Red Cross, Hazialdia Association, Antox, haze moriaBase Social Services Association of Aunamendi, and the municipalities of Aranguren, Lecunberry, Azcabarte and Villafranca.

To end the day, Emma Ilincheta, Technician at the Public Health Institute, presented the calls for grants that have recently been published in BON.


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