A Cuban man was hit over the head with a bottle and stabbed multiple times outside a bar in Bayamo

Last Friday, January 12, a Cuban man was the victim of a bottle accident outside a bar in the town of Bayamo, Granma, and was stabbed several times, in which his girlfriend was also injured.

Alexis Alejandro Cisneros TornesAs the man who carried out the attack has described himself, he was attacked in a bar where he was with his girlfriend, and where they had gone to buy hamburgers, the user says in a complaint on the social network. royal ladiesWho declares himself to be a cousin of Cisneros Tornes.

“The culprits will have to pay. They attacked my cousin, he was hit on the head with a bottle and hit several times, resulting in a fractured skull and brain injury,” said this internet user while condemning the unfortunate incident.

Furthermore, the man demanded a quick response from the authorities because “even after two days of this incident we don’t know what the police have done.”

The complainant says that the bar where the events took place is in the historical center of the city and that the day commemorates the Bayamo fire, so he cannot understand why he received no response even though it is the day when Many police officers are present. Roads. ,

Facebook/Roinial Ladies

He described his cousin as a person who is “not problematic at all, on the contrary he is a person with excellent social behavior, a university graduate.”

Precisely, in his Facebook profile Alexis Alejandro identifies himself as a worker in a dairy products company in Bayamo and apparently he is the father of two girls.

Precisely, his mother asked in the comments section that justice be done for her son.

“I cannot understand how this is happening in this city and unscrupulous people do this and spoil it, creating panic among the population. We want a safe city where human values ​​are upheld and not destroyed, where Bayamo is not taken over by anarchy. Let the culprits bear the burden of the law,” claimed the mother, identified as Sucel Tornes Tamayo.

Facebook/Roinial Ladies

Alexis is admitted to the neurosurgery room of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Provincial Hospital.

Meanwhile, his cousin left several open questions to close his publication, in which he questioned the wave of violence and insecurity currently being experienced in Cuba, without prompt action by the government.

,What are the Bayamo police doing so that those responsible are no longer in jail?, How far will social chaos and violence go in Bayamo?” And he further added that “If it had been a demonstration due to the very poor social situation of that city, the repression of the government authorities would have been immediate, but it is not the above, nor is it about the son of Escribano Cruz. City governor.

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