A Cuban woman writes anti-government slogans on the wall of her house and surrenders to the police.

A Cuban woman was detained by State Security after she wrote several anti-government slogans on the wall of her home and confronted the authorities through social networks.

Opponent of the Miguel Diaz-Canel regime, Milagros Cervera GonzalezWrote these phrases on a wall of his house in La Coloma in Pinar del Río “Down with Communism”, “Homeland and Life”, “No More Lies” and “Freedom for Political Prisoners”Words that made Cuba’s oppressors uneasy.

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Cervera González documented the incident through a message and a video shared on her social networks, in which she also protested against the government.

“State security body to express my ideals in my home. Threats of arrest. Motherland and life,” the young mother wrote on the social network Facebook.

as per his instructions Marty News worker Jose Rolando Casares And Julio Cesar Góngorawho went to the police station where Cervera González was interrogated, “They released her and left her at kilometer 5 of the La Coloma highway, because she lives in Coloma. Now he has to travel a distance of 20 kilometers under water. they left him in the lurch,

Caceres said the young woman was “warned and warned that she could be prosecuted.”

recently, Yasmari González Martínez of Sancti Spiritus painted the entrance of her house with phrases against dictatorship and did not hesitate to take a photo showing the symbol of freedom.,

Resident in the “Abel Santamaría” agricultural production cooperative (CPA) in Las Tozas, municipality and province of Sancti Spíritus, the young mother was met last Wednesday by a State Security agent, who threatened her and asked her to be removed. the posters.

Too, Last Monday, March 18, a poster against Cuban ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel was painted on the wall of the popular Playa del Tenis. On the bridge in downtown Matanzas.

These events occur in the same week in which several protests have strained the social climate in Cuba, the main movement of which was Demonstrations began in Santiago de Cuba last Sunday, March 17.,

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